The last few months have been tough for everyone across the globe. Covid-19 has really impacted our lives, and it seems like it’s not over yet. The pandemic seems like it’s going to be here for a while. This can only mean that we as humans need to find ways to adapt not only in our personal lives but also in our businesses. Below is a list of ways through which companies can adjust their marketing and get something out of these tough times.


Create Customer-centric content

Creating content focused on your customer needs is the best way to connect with them. What you need to do is show that you are aware of the impact Covid-19 has had on people and that you are willing to sacrifice something yours to help out with the issues.

You can offer discounts for your product or services or offer to donate a part of your earnings from purchased products as a charity to struggling families. Choose to help others selflessly.  


Keep your clients updated

Make sure you share any helpful information with your audience through your website or social platforms. You can even share your experience during the pandemic and how you and your team have adapted. There’s a huge audience who would appreciate and love to hear how you are coping in the tough times. You’ll show that you can be relied upon in trying times.


Create opportunities for your clients

With the social distancing and shutdown of many businesses, a large number of people have lost their jobs. You can assist with the unemployment by offering people chances if you have any. More importantly, you can help your audience make use of the time they have by providing opportunities to learn like free online classes.

By giving discounts or free online tools, you will be attracting new and repeat customers, which means increased sales (Miksen, 2019). Also, you can give free online tools to help your audience and other businesses. It will pay up since there will be increased traffic to your website.


Make use of paid ads

Ads are becoming cheaper by day. There more people online, and fewer businesses are marketing so, ads have become more affordable. Other than ads being really cheap, you can take advantage of the fact that more people are online, and you can easily target your audience. You will get more website visitors at this time. Just remember to give them what they want.

Geography diversification

Technology has allowed everyone to operate anywhere in this world without having to travel. Right now, your market may be impacted by the coronavirus, and your traffic and sales may have gone down. However, there are lots of other areas you can target especially if you offer online services. Venture to more locations that you believe could pay off.


There is still no certainty that things will get back to normal soon. Businesses and individuals are likely to suffer a bit longer. However, with a smart plan, you can get just enough or more to survive through the pandemic.


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