1. Optinmonster

Pricing: Optinmonster plansarebilled annually $9,00, $19,00, $29,00 and $49,00. 

Description: It isa veryuseful lead generation tool that lets you contact yourwebsite'svisitor at the right time. It has an easy to use template forbuilding beautifullightboxes, pop-ups, and landing pages that capture theattention of the rightvisitors. 

Thegold: Optinmonster hasanotifications system that every time someone sign-up their plans, apop-upshows up saying "(person's name) from (their city, their state)justpurchased Optinmonster."  


2. Audiense

Theplatform to identify your customers and improve yoursocial mediastrategy. 

Pricing: Ithas a free for life plan, a$79,00, and a $696,00 billed annually. 

Description:It isa tool that discovers new target audiences and classify them. Ithelps youunderstand your customers by telling you how they work.Then, Audiense uses itstechnology to track and report customers tohelp you maximize your audienceengagement. 


3. Tweepi  

Pricing: Ithas two plans, that if billedannually, are $129,00 or $249,00. 

Description: It isa tool that helps youget more followers on Twitter. First, it finds usersinterested in your kind ofcontent. Then you can engage them by mentioning intweets, adding to lists, orfollowing them. 


4. Socialbakers  

Theplatform helps you manage your social media platforms inone place.  

Pricing: thereare two plans that, ifbilled annually, are $200,00 or $400,00. 

Description: It isa platform to help youmake well-informed decisions. You can compare yourresults to your competitors',then use the result of this comparison tooptimize your own content. 

Thisresult isvaluable when strategizing your paid campaigns. You can use it tobudget moreprecisely, while also improving customer purchase, maintenance,anddevelopment. 


5. ZeroFox 


ZeroFoxprotects your business from public attacks.

Pricing: ZeroFox doesn'tshowpricing on the website, you must request the pricing accordingly to thefeaturesthat you need. 

Description: isan online security toolthat works with the most popular social networks.It determines and guardsbrands against hackers trying to take control ofsocial media accounts. 

And theplatform works to preserve its clients’ social media reputations too. Theydothis by deleting rude and intentionally disruptive content,eliminatingimitation profiles, and protecting followers againstdefrauders.  


6. LastPass  

LastPass a password management tool to help in your company's security. 


Pricing: For normalpeople, there are freeplans for $3,00 and $4,00 monthly billed and with 30days free trial. And forcompanies there are the $3,00, $4,00, $6,00, $8,00 peruser monthlybilled. 

Description: LastPass isn’tparticularlymade for social media, but it still is a useful tool to havebecause it savesyour passwords in its encrypted password vault. Use it tocreate strongerpasswords for social media. 

You"open"LastPass’ password vault using a main password. Once loggedin, the tool willautomatically enter your login details anytime you try to loginto a socialmedia website. 

Theadvantageof using LastPass is that you only have to remember one password, theLastPassone, while you can create multiple strong passwords for all your socialmediaaccounts. 


7. Followerwonk


Followerwonkis a tool focused on improving your Twitter account. 

Pricing: Its pricing goes from free, to$29,00/month, to $79,00/month.

Description: Followerwonk is a platformspecifically for use withTwitter. Followerwonk will help you review and improveyour Twitter audience.It does this by suggesting users for you to follow,conclusively helping yougrow your base. If Twitter is part of your social mediamarketing campaignstrategy, this platform is a must-have.


8. AgoraPulse

AgoraPulse helps you manage your social medias.

Pricing: When billedannually there arefour plans that costs successively $79,00, $159,00, $239,00and $399,00. 


Description: AgoraPulse is an easyto use and affordable solution to social mediamanagement. It has all themust-have features, and you can also make contests,quizzes, and promotions. Italso has comparison tools to see how you are doingcompared to your competitors. 


9. TwitterAnalytics

A platform to know precisely how your Twitter is going.

Pricing: It isa completely freetool. 

Description: TwitterAnalytics is atool that lets you assess the performance of your Twittermarketing campaign.Want to know if your tweets are getting enough engagement?Twitter Analytics’reports give you all that information you need and more.That way, you can lookat how people engage with your content and adapt yourcampaign accordingly.


10.Facebook Analytics 

FacebookAnalytics is a tool to measure your Facebook's marketing campaign. 

Pricing: It iscompletely free. 

Description: Broadlyspeaking, FacebookAnalytics works the same way as Twitter’sanalytics tool. It looks at yourposts and how users have interacted with it.Pretty simple, right? 

Yes and no.While both platforms have the same goal, Facebook’s reports are muchmorecomprehensive than Twitter’s. Facebook Analytics doesn’t just show you howmanyusers interacted with your content. It shows you whointeracted withit and where. 

SinceFacebookhas more features than Twitter, it obviously has more information totrack. 


11. Analisa.io

Analisa.io is a tool meant to improve your Instagram's and TikTok'sengagement.

Pricing: Its pricesgo from free, to$59,35, to $109,55, and $199,35 billed annually. 

Description: Analisa.iogives you a rangeof marketing tools for tracking profiles and hashtags. Youcan use it to: keeptabs on your competitors, monitor campaignperformance, adjust profileengagement, and contact influencers.


12. Tailwind 


Tailwindis a tool to create content for Pinterest and Instagram. 

Pricing: It has a free trial, and whenbilled annually, it costs $9,99 each, Instagram's, and Pinterest's plan. 

Description: Ithas multiple tools tohelp create content for Instagram and Pinterest, but italso has features tohelp you schedule, organize, post, and manage both these platforms. 


13. Revive.social 


It eases the job of posting old content that you've already posted 

Pricing: It hasthree plans that are$75,00, $149,00 and $299,00. 


Description: ReviveOld Posts letsyou easily share old posts into your social media. Thisgives your followers thechance to find out and interact with popular contentfrom your website. Plus, ithelps you keep your social media more active.


14. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumogivesinsights on content to help on your social media.  

Pricing: It hasfour plans that whenbilled annually are $79,00, $139,00, $239,00 and $499,00+  

Description: BuzzSumo is oneof thebest tools to find new and popular content on the web. With it, you cansearchfor a topic or a selection of keywords. From there, you’ll receivepopulartrending posts in those topics and keywords. 


15. Tagboard  


Tagboard is a platform to help with your social listening. 

Pricing: You mustrequest a demo to knowits prices. 

Description: It isa tool for listeningand researching social media content. All you have to dois search for a term,topic, or hashtag, and you’ll see how that topic isreferred online. It’s anadvanced way to check things like brand and productmentions, and how theyconcern your marketing strategy.  


16. Visage.co

Visage isa platform that helps optimizeimages and graphs.

Pricing: You mustrequest a demo to knowthe price 

Description: Visage isa tool thathelps companies make well-optimized graphs for each socialplatform. Visage’sgraphics templates make it simple to manage your brand’sstyle and tone. Thatway, you can guarantee consistency across all social media.  


17. Canva 

Canva isoneof the best tools to create beautiful images and templates. 

Pricing: It hasa free plan, a R$26,90,and a R$110,00 when billed annually. 

Description: Canva sureis one ofthe awesome free social media tools every marketer needs. It lets youcreateamazing images for your campaigns. Use it to elaborate your content sothat morepeople engage in your posts. 

Best ofall,it comes with loads of ready templates and nice graphics you can use.Thismeans you can create an eye-catching featured photo inminutes. 


18. Animoto 


Animotois agreat easy video making platform.

Pricing: It hasa free plan, a R$57,50,and R$82,50 when billed annually. 

Description: Animoto isa tool thatmakes top-quality videos for marketers on social media. It’s excellentforcreating viral or engaging original content. It comes with simple and easytouse templates. But if you want to get creative, you don't have to usetemplates,you can use Animoto’s blank canvas and create a marketing videofromscratch. 


19. SproutSocial 

SproutSocial is a platform thathelps you better engage with your audience. 

Pricing: Its plansarepriced successively $99,00, $149,00 and$249,00 billed monthly 

Description: Sprout Social is anall-in-one social mediamarketing tool. It features multi-level access, whichhelps managers organize andassign tasks to team members. 

SproutSocial also comes with post schedulingcapabilities, a detailed reportsplatform, and even a social listening tool.



20. SocialOomph  


SocialOomph is a platform to help you schedule your posts. 

Pricing: It hasa free plan, and whenbilled annually, its plan is $162,00, $270,00, and $594per year. 

Description: SocialOomph’s functionalitymakesit a keeper. That’s because SocialOomph makes iteasy to uploadnumerous posts simultaneously, then schedule when each onegets published.You have complete control over when and where your content isposted, and youcan even manage more than one platform at once. 

SocialOomph alsooffersfollower analysis features and tools for increasing audience engagement. 


21. Brand24  


Brand24 is a social listening tool to help you know what people say about your brand.

Pricing: It has14 days free trial andthree plans that are priced $49,00, $99,00, and $199,00billed monthly. 

Description: Brand24 givesyouawareness about what people are saying online about your brand. With thistool,you have automatic access to mentions of your brand anywhere on theweb,including on social media and popular publishers. You can also classifythementions into positive, negative, or neutral mentions. 


 22. Buffer


Buffer is a platform to manage your social media.

Pricing: It hasfive plans in twodifferent categories, and they are monthly billed $15,00,$35,00, $50,00, $65,00and $99,00. 

Description: WithBuffer, you canschedule any type of post on any platform you wish. You caneven choose toautomate posts, like “every day” or “weekdays.” Even better, youcan evaluatepast posts, seeing which were most effective and why. 


23. MeetEdgar 


MeetEdgar is a social mediamanagement platform that also allows you to reutilizeposts. 

Pricing: It hastwo plans that are $19,00and $49,00 monthly billed. 

Description: MeetEdgar is asocialmedia organizing tool that allows you to reutilize old posts. All youhave to dois separate your posts by category and schedule your content. Afterthat, Edgargoes through your file and uploads content from each category.  


24. Hootsuite 


Hootsuite isoneofthe biggest social media management platforms. 

Pricing: It hasa free plan, $29,00,$129,00, $599,00 per month, and enterprise custom pricing. 

Description: Youcan use Hootsuite toschedule posts on different social platforms all at once.Its analytics toollets you determine content engagement, so you understand howyour marketingcampaign is performing on each social network. 


25. IFTTT 


IFTTT isan automationplatform for your social media.

Pricing: You mustask for their pricing bytalking to the sales department. 

Description: It's a funny name that actuallystands for “If This, Then That.” With it, youcan combine different tools tocreate individual actions or sets ofinstructions. For example, you can set itup to tweet every time you make a newInstagram post, thus increasing yourengagement in both social media platforms.  


26. Oktopost 


Oktopost is a B2Bsocial media management platform.

Pricing: You mustbook a demo to know itspricing. 

Description: Oktopost is aB2Bsocial media management platform that generates leads through social mediaandmeasures the business value of their social media efforts. From socialmediamanagement to promotion to employee advocacy, Oktopost hasallthe tools a B2B marketer would want. 


27. Everypost 


Everypost isa contentcurator platform and social media management tool.

Pricing: It hasa free plan and otherfour plans that are $9,99, $29,99, $49,99, and $99,99monthly billed. 

Description: Everypost facilitatestocurate content all in one place. It does this by gathering relevantmultimediafrom YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, and more. Then, you can scheduleyour posts andpersonalize them for the audience on each social platform. Thatway, youoptimize the effectiveness of each and every post. 



28. SocialFlow 


SocialFlow isa socialmedia management platform that works in real-time with customers.

Pricing: You mustrequest a demo to knowits price. 

Description: SocialFlow allowsyouto post when your audience is more active on social media. All you have todo isupload your content to the platform. Fromthere, SocialFlow usesreal-time data it collects to decide whichposts to publish and when.  


29. Feedly 


Feedly Is an informationalplatform on which you choose exactly what you want tosee. 

Pricing: It has four plans that are $6,00,$8,25, $18,00, and the enterprise that is custommade. 

Description: Feedly is knownas acontent discovery tool. But it’s actually a content aggregator, and youcan useit to gather content from numerous different areas, combining your ideal reading material into a single feed that you can browse as you wish. 


30. Bitly 


Bitly is a link shortener platform.

Pricing: It hasa free plan, a $29,00, and a custom plan.

Description: Bitly is a platform that shortens any URL so that it fits nicely on any of yoursocialmedia channels. You can even measure your results with individuallinkanalytics, and then maximize your marketing efforts based on the insightsyougather. 


31. Influential.co 


Influential is a platform that connects businesses to influencers.

Pricing: You must request a demo to knowits pricing. 

Description: Influentialis a smart match making tool that connects businesses with the right social media influencers. 

Influentialusesartificial intelligence to search for your whole social media profile. Itlooksat who’s engaging with your content and how they’re doing it. Themore Influential researches you do and your followers you have, the more itlearnsabout your buyer personas. This information is then used to pair you with influencers who match well with your brand's goal and product.