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We Do Social Media Strategy
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C180 Agency

Who are we?

We are C180, and we help brands, celebrities, companies, and leaders with their social media strategy.


Our History

Our story starts with a cup of Cuban coffee in South Beach, Miami. We saw agencies trying to do everything. We chose social media strategy. Our decision to focus on just social media was a paradigm shift from the norm. We understood that there were a lot of things we could do. But the strategy seemed to encompass our strengths. Social media requires a lot of moving parts. So, we knew we didn't have to sell the importance of social media but rather study how to do it right using consulting, creativity, construction, and content. These 4 c's scribbled on a napkin became the basis of our company. Since then, we continue to work in that "right direction."


Relocated in Miami & Joined Tech Labs @WeWork


Joint Venture with a Brazilian Tech Team


Filed Patents on our Technology


Redefining Social Media Strategy for everyone


A WeWork office in Miami


It started over a cup of Cuban coffee in Miami

Reasons Why

A few reasons, why you might like us:


Campaign planning to help you succeed


Transparent in disclosures of what we can and cannot do.


Ethical code of conduct.

Flexible Pricing

Flexible Pricing. Monthly packages and Ala-cart.

100% Satisfaction

100% Satisfaction: "We work till you like it. Period."


A Promise: Your data is your data.

Your artwork is your artwork.

Your website is your website.

There is nothing more to say. We don’t keep your data, period.

Our Philosophy

The secret to our successful philosophy is our team's creative and disruptive technology, insight and planning, strategy, and execution — all working together to create a seamless, inspired, and awesome experience.

We also have a passion for social media

We believe in developing our staff and protecting our world for future generations by providing democratization of the internet. Here are some of the ways in which we've made a difference to the world.


We donate a website to religious or nonprofit organizations once a month.


We believe in setting the standard, by applying the latest technology practices.


We participate online and offline in conferences sharing what we have learned.

About us

We are a Miami Digital Agency

C180 is a full-service digital marketing, social media, and strategy agency. Yep, that’s a mouth full. Basically, we do social media so you don't have to. We are a bunch of tech-savvy gurus, experts, and PhDs with over 20 years of experience. We are a multicultural firm that produces content in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. We have a proven scientific method to do social media and we follow best practices that are measured by academic studies. We provide a range of services to clients from all industries regardless of size, since 2015.

Our digital services include social media marketing tactics such as return on engagement (ROE), search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) ads at a 0% commission, social media walls, copywriting, and conversion rate optimization (CRO).

We deliver ALL our work via our proprietary Dashboard180. This technology is our secret sauce. It took us nearly 5 years to build it. Just think of it as your command and control for ALL things social media. We can build, manage, and promote your communication on any social media platform: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

We welcome all "social media marketing" work opportunities. Contact us by WhatsApp.

3 Things About US

We know the internet is not going to turn off. We hope.

Join us in e- democratization

The digital era is upon us and social media is at the heart of all communication. With nearly half the world’s population on these platforms and marketing and management changing to cater to this technology, it is important to keep those same platforms free and accessible. At C180, we believe that this is not important but crucial to global humanity.

Confidentiality Statement

In agency relationships, the agent is frequently privy to the client's confidential information. Depending on the nature of the business, this could include social media accounts, sales plan, a list of customers, trade secrets etc. We keep all of that CONFIDENTIAL. We just want to help you promote your campaign. So a Non-Disclosure Agreement is part of our kick start documents.

100% Creative Yours

You pay the bills, the creative is yours. If you don’t pay the bills the creative is ours until you pay the bill. Nothing fancy. Just upfront and clear. Yes, that includes art files, content, and posting. Unfortunately, the technology is ours and we can‘t speak on behalf of third-party services that you might recommend we use for you as well.

Our Magic Team

We are programmers, creatives, artists, designers, social lovers, writers, webmasters, photographers, and fantastic strategists. Our team is our tribe. We are a family. We are more than just friends. We are a team. We are always working for the next thing in social media.  We believe that to be the best in the space is not measured by quantity but quality. Our reward is your appreciation and your business month after month. Work smart, not hard. Be successful in the details. Never stop learning, never.

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We welcome partnerships, and we are looking for strategic relationships in other states and even other countries.