What is Brand Consistency?

Brand consistency is the act of ensuring that your brand is always creating uniform material and messages across the internet. When you use one logo, same color scheme, and the same voice across all social media platforms, have a uniform profile across multiple platforms, use the same profile and background, that is brand consistency.  

When developing a brand, you should focus highly on the tone of voice. Your online presence should be unique and should bring a certain feeling to your audience. It is also important to be recognizable both through content frequency and quality. It is advisable to have a specific individual working on content to keep the voice uniform and avoid flaws when multiple authors are used.

Reason Why Brand Consistency is So Important

Creates Trust

Brand consistency helps build trust. By using the same voice and sharing similar and unique content, people who engage with this content may end up feeling like they know you. This is only achievable if the audience recognizes you and remembers you. Gaining a target audiences’ trust is a major achievement for brands. Trust can be gained by ensuring that you share related content and at a specific day of the week and time of day. Also, you might want to use specific social media platforms for specific purposes.  

Builds Brand Awareness

Consistent branding is utilized as a way to help build brand awareness. This is because most customers will purchase from a brand that they recognize out of their consistent content schedule or profiles on social media. Sharing the same type of content, posting it the same time, using same logo placement, using the same color theme, and image quality help customers know what to look form where and when to look for your information.  

Makes You Memorable

The more often your target audiences hear, sees, and interacts with your brand, the more likely they are to remember you. By being consistent and frequent with your content, your image will always remain in your audiences’ mind. If you are running ads, make sure the branding is consistent that everyone who sees it recognizes it is you. It is like the TV ads that are run multiple times that the brand is always fresh in the eyes and minds of the viewers. For instance, almost everyone will recognize a coca-cola product instantly because of their consist logo, theme color, and marketing etc.  

Increases Revenue

According to a report by Lucid press, 33% of revenue increase is related to brand consistency (Dopson, 2019). Also, by having a consistent theme color can increase brand recognition by up to 80% (Moir, 2011). It is evident that people like consistency and will most likely choose a brand that remains consistent. So, make sure to be consistent in the logo used, image design, posting on social media, voice, and marketing efforts.    

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