Frequently Asked Questions


What does C180 really do?

C180 or "Campaign180" is a full-service digital agency. We provide digital creative services like brand books for social media. We offer content services for social media posts. We provide consulting on community management of your posts, scheduling, training, and strategy. We do web development, we construct landing pages and even wireframes to help you get the most out of your digital assets.

Do you build websites?

Yes, C180 decided that website development on WordPress is awful! We come from the belief that your website is your home on the internet or your headquarters. Without an excellent presence on your website, neither can you have a good social media presence.

What is the difference between a website and landing page?

A landing page is a dedicated page on a specific content with a clear call to action (CTA). Social media can amplify these pages. So, they are crucial pages to help promote and make key information go viral. C180 has developed specially optimized pages with custom code to help maximize speed, performance, and social media integrations. A website is a collection of web pages and their related content.

What is a Social Media Wall or Mashup page?

We love these pages. Social media content is great, but if not seen, it has no value. So, we designed pages you can link to your website, share on your office screens, display at conferences, or even email to your customers or fans. These social media walls are aggregated content of your official social media accounts. The designs are awesome and help instigate engagement and lead generation.

Do you manage social media accounts?

Yes and No. We manage all the accounts with “shared access” we help post and create content, so you don’t have to. No, we don’t take over your social media accounts. But we can always help you set up new ones like Snapchat or Tik Tok to maximize your exposure.

Do you do social media advertising?

Yes, we can help you place paid and shared advertising. What that means is that we can place the ads at 0% commission. We have small set up fees, design, or scheduling fees per month.

Do you do SEO?

Yes, we do refer to SEO services, but we use third parties. So, we will aid and fully disclose who we use, and when we use them. Sometimes, tags, metatags, keywords, and descriptions can be complicated, and we like doing that part. We love the strategy aspects. So, we will help you maximize and address the challenges of organic advertising or SEO.

Do you provide social media technology?

Yes, we love all the social media platforms. Out of the 175 social media networks out there, we work with over 75 platforms in some shape or form. We believe in a cross-cultural approach, posting content in multiple languages, and helping you market globally. So, we do deploy our own technology, the C180 social media platform.

Who is working on my social media accounts?

Social media marketing specialists. They have been trained by world experts and certified in their unique abilities.

What if I have specific promotions or posts I want you to make?

If you have any specific promotions or posts you want us to design, develop, or even post. Simply log in to your Dashboard180, and we will process the order. Similar to customer support tickets. The order will be processed immediately. You have the ability to always order a post or social media service on demand.

What type of growth can I expect on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?

Every follower we send to your social media platform is targeted and within the criteria of your audience. We set goals, numbers, key performance indicators, and even look at the competition to benchmark how to message correctly with the right social media voice.

Do I need to provide you with content?

No, you do not have to provide us with content. However, if you have content, we are happy to use it! We will also encourage you to fill in the checklist and creative briefs.

How do you know what to post for my business?

Once your profile is generated, we first look at the persona of your profile, the brand, the competitors, the engagement, applause rated, tone of voice, and analysis of your content for emojis or social media lingo (like hashtags, mentions, URLs, abbreviations, etc.).  After this is done, we then begin a rigorous process of planning content for your audience for the next 30 days.


Do you have customer support?

Yes, we do offer 25/7 customer support. But we will not be able to resolve all issues immediately. So, we ask for a standard 24 hours for response time. We will monitor your assets free of charge.  We will give you access to your data and Dashboard 24/7, and our chat is not a bot we have humans behind them to help address your concerns.

Do you have refunds?

We stand 100 percent by our work. IF you are not happy, we will give credit for monthly or future services. Since we rely on a worldwide team, it is difficult to return creative services. So, we will not refund the money, but we will provide credit. We realize the internet does shut off, and we want to make things right. We are growing, and we will never try to do anything intentionally incorrect or unethical. But, if that happens with one of our team members, we will always fix it and make it right.

After I pay how long does it take to get everything running?

You are up and running the same day. We will immediately give you access to your Dashboard180, several landing pages will be generated, and within 48-72 hours, you will have a competitor analysis. But the best part is that once you share your accounts with our platform, we will start archiving all your posts so that you can be compliant with sunshine laws, electronic filing disclosure laws, HIPPA, and even Sarbanes-Oxley laws.


What is Social Media Sharing buttons?

There is a difference between posting your social media accounts on your website and integrating them with your website. Social Media sharing buttons allow the users to post content that you have preloaded in their messages for them to help advocate on your behalf by sharing them within a specific social media platform.

Do you create content in more than one language?

Yes, we are a cross-cultural digital agency and would be glad to help you post in Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, and even in Hindi. We have global teams, and we have talent from all around the world that we use. So, if your brand needs social media count in different languages, C180 can help.

What If I Still Want To Post On Social Media?

The best part is that we will only aid in your account management but never take over your account management. Any work requires approval and verification. Our methodology is based on best scientific practices, and our tactics are designed to help you generate a strong social media voice.

Wait... I still have questions!

We can help! Please send us an email or use our online chat to send a message.