What is a Social Review Site?

A Social Review Site is a website on which reviews can be posted about people, businesses, products, or services. They are sometimes a feature within a social media platform but aid in sharing content with other users to make decisions. C180 works with over 25 Social Review Sites

Customer reviews can be defined aspieces of feedback a company or business gets based on a customer’s experience with their services or products. The feedback can be shared in public or directly to the company and can be accessed by the corporation personally or through third-party review websites.

The significance of collecting and analyzing this information is to help determine customers’ satisfaction with a product or service and also to help improve engagement with the customer and target audience.

Why you need to know your customer reviews?

It gives you an exact measure of where your business stands with a chance to use the insights to improve the business. It is an easy way to learn what is missing and what should be done to meet all the customer's needs.

Sources of online customer reviews

Below are some of the sources for customer reviews:

Amazon customer reviews - Gives you reviews from customerswho buy your products.

Angie’s list – This is a paid review site where users get toshare their experience with a brand.

Choice – An Australian-based member-funded review website that tests products and creates product comparisons and writing buying guides.

Trustpilot – A Denmark-based consumer review platform, that help businesses across the globe access reviews left by customers and respond to them.

TestFreaks – A Swedish-based customer review company that gives businesses access to customer reviews and responds to them.

Yelp – A free consumer review site where customers can sign-up to share their reviews and businesses have the ability to respond.

Google My Business – Entails the reviews left on Google and can be found via a simple search on Google.

TripAdvisor – Largest travel site where customers leave and view reviews about their experiences in the travel, airline, restaurants, and entertainment reviews. Businesses can access the reviews and respond.

Which? – An independent customer review site that tests and reviews products and provides reviews about them.

Influenster – A body product review site where customers share reviews on products including, beauty, skincare, make-up, and hair.