Google Reviews are a major component of your online reputation. They are a great way to get your business noticed. Google Reviews is not just for Google anymore. How to get reviews on Google has become a hot topic in the online marketing world, and everyone is scrambling to figure out how to get more of them. How do you get reviews on Google? How can you get positive reviews on Google? How can you ask for reviews on google without looking desperate or needy? How does getting good reviews help your business grow? These are all important questions that will be answered in this blog post!


How Can You Get Positive Google Reviews?

1. Ask Customers Directly for a Google Review

One of the easiest ways to get a review is to ask for it. How do you ask? It's simple: Call your customers and request your happy customers to leave a review and tell them how much you appreciate their business, and let them know that if they have time, would they mind leaving a Google Review (Speak, 2020). This will help since potential customers will want to know about the positive experience others had with your company.

2. Send a Follow-Up Email for More Google Reviews

Email your customers and tell them how much you appreciate their business, and ask them once again to leave Google reviews. Make sure you offer a time frame for Google reviews and make it known that the sooner they get back, the better. If your customers are active on social media, tell them to share their positive experiences with others online as well.

3. Verify Your Business

Verifying your business on Google is one important step towards getting positive Google reviews. It helps Google know that your business is legitimate and it will help you get more Google reviews since Google can trust you.

Verifying your business with Google takes a few simple steps:  

  • Go to google verification website, type in your information or use the phone number on file for your account.  
  • Google will then send you a code on your Google business phone number.
  • Once Google sends the code, enter it to verify your Google account.
  • Your Google profile is now verified!

Verifying your business with Google helps promote trust between you and potential customers which in turn can help generate more positive reviews on Google for your business.  


4. Reply to reviews to build your customers' trust

Google will show Google Reviews for your Google business profile and it's a great way to get more Google reviews. Once you receive positive Google reviews, make sure that they are responded to with friendly acknowledgement and use them as an opportunity to thank the reviewer who took time out of their day.  

Also reply on sites like Facebook, Yelp or Foursquare.  


5. Add a Review Link to Your Website

Adding a Google review link to your website is another great way to get Google reviews - and it's simple.

All you have to do is add a Google Review Link from Google My Business onto your contact page. This will give potential customers the ability to leave positive Google Reviews for your business without having them search for an online form or Google Review page.  

There are Google review widgets that you can add to your website for free, or there is Google My Business where you can just copy and paste the code into your site!


6. Install Review Generation Tools

There are Google review widgets that you can add to your website for free. For instance, ReviewBuzz, a popular internet marketing tool, is an easy Google review tool to install on your website (Blue Corona, 2019). You can also install Google Review Widget or Google Product Feed, which are both free options for getting more Google reviews!

Another great Google review tool is Review Generation. This tool allows you to automatically generate positive reviews by adding a review widget on all pages of your website. This results in more potential customers leaving reviews about their experience with your company. The best part? It's fast and easy to set up on any WordPress-powered site.  


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