What is Social Media Engagement?

Engagement denotes the way the public relates with content shared on social networking sites. Increasing engagement is not easy but by taking the right measures you will surely reach your goals. Patel (2020) states that supporting customers via digital engagement channels help foster brand awareness, nurture the connections, and build loyalty.  

Things to do to Increase Your Social Media Engagement on Any Platform

Below, we have prepared a list of things you can do to increase your social media engagement on any platform.

Be Relatable

Too much formality and focus on selling is never the way to grow your engagement. As a brand, your content should never come out as just a brand trying to sell products. That can never work for social media. Your audience wants to see friendly, uplifting, and entertaining content. Be casual and more conversational. That’s how you win over your audience.

Get Ambassadors

By reaching out and bringing on board ambassadors, you are sure that you will reach a new audience to your existing ones. Due to the trust built between the ambassador and his/her audience, it is very easy for them trust your brand and product. Chances are high that they will increasingly engage with your content.  


Run Competitions

Offer your target audience something to win either monetary or a product. To get the most out of this strategy, ensure to include as requirements that the competitors need to go follow your page, like, comment and tag other people and share your post. As well, you can get the help of influencers or ambassadors to accomplish this, they will help you reach more audience for a reasonable price.  


Keep Updating Your Social Media

It is important for your social media to be up to date. Not only should your content be updated, your profile also needs to stay up to date. Any visitor to your profile should be able to understand what is currently happening with your brand or what you are about in just a few seconds. This will keep them from leaving, and increase chances of engaging with them.


Use Ads the Right Way

Although most brands run ads on social media, not all of them do it the right way. We can share a few tricks to make your ads more resourceful in increasing engagement. Use visual media always besides the text. Use trending content. Include a compelling call to action CTA. Use the posts engagement metrics to plan on the next post.



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