A lead refers to a sales contact or a person considered to be a potential customer. the lead is also referred to a prospect. A social media lead refers to information shared by a user that can be used to follow up with them.

The lead shares information such as email, phone number, or their social media handle. Due to the changes that as a result of technological advancement, the places and ways to get leads are changing. Social media lead generation refers to the activity undertaken to collect new leads on social media platforms. Social media has become the best place to grow businesses as billions of people continue to join the platforms.

Billions visit social media today to interact with businesses that they have bought from or plan to buy from in the future. So, social media has the best chances of providing your business with engaged leads who are ready to make a purchase. To make the best out of the social media world, you need to use the best strategies. Below are some tips on how to generate more tips from social media.

Share and Promote Links to Gated Content

Content plays a significant role in the buying cycle. As a result, you should regularly produce content that will pull leads into a sale. Ensure that you use gated content. Gated content refers to any content in the form of white papers, videos, and blog articles that require users to fill a form or sign-up to access.

Share Customer Testimonials

One of the reasons social media users go online is to find testimonials or reviews about a brand. By sharing testimonials, you provide the social proof needed to draw new leads. This starts with you encouraging your current customers to leave reviews and if you have good testimonials showing how people have benefitted from your products and services, then you have increased chances of convincing your target audience. Testimonials show your brand value and helps easily draw new leads.

Host a Live Event

Currently, live events have grown very famous. Webcasts, social lives, and webinars are very effective in generating leads specifically for B2B marketers. For webinars and webcasts, you can easily get to your audience to give their information because they have to sign up to join. For social lives, you will need to prepare content in advance and invite the target audience. You request them to sign up for updates and notifications of the next live events.

Paid Lead Advertising

By using paid lead advertising, you can get your leads in the easiest way. Most social media platforms havethis option. For example, Facebook lead ads easily gets your prospects to share their contact information with few taps. Given that Facebook is the largest platform in terms of population, this is a great opportunity to grow leads. Leads collected by Facebook lead ads are synced directly to your customer management system which makes it easy to follow up but you must ensure that you have Facebook Pixel installed on your website for the lead ads to work best in collecting leads on Facebook (Sehl, 2020). Facebook now owns Instagram which means that you can pay for the lead ads on Instagram as well.

Run a Referral Campaign

A referral marketing campaign refers to a growth tactic that focuses on encouraging existing customers to recommend a business to family, friends, and colleagues. Referral campaign is also called word-of-mouth marketing and uses sharing tools and referral rewards to boost word of mouth. The referral program works by encouraging the current customers to share your brand on social media using unique referral links and your work will be tracking new sign ups through the referral links. The customers earn for referring others, the more the referrals the better.


If you are ready to go past brand awareness and engagement, social media lead generation should be the next thing to consider. It is the easiest means to reach people who like your company and are willing to purchase from you, and for those who are not decided yet, you can take advantage by sending them offers. Whereas this is the most effective means of growing your sales, it is not easy, so you might need experts to help you get the best out of the campaigns. C180 has a team of experienced social media marketing experts who will help you reach your goals by getting you more leads on social media.


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