What are Discussion Sites?

Discussion sites are online forums, message boards, or an internet-based group community where you can start a discussion, drop a message, or get an answer to your query or even search for new business prospects. C180 Works with over 10 different social discussion sites.

The discussion sites can also be termed as online forums or online discussion sites where people meet and hold conversations in the form of text messages. It is one of the best places to ask questions, get answers, and have conversations. In the forums, a user creates a post, which is accessible to other users, and they can respond. This is how dialogues happen in the platforms. As well, the posts can be sent in the form of videos, images, and links. Although joining most of these platforms is free, users are required to provide their valid email. This helps because people prefer posts from verified users than anonymous ones.

Discussion Sites Examples

The online forums are essential in helping connect people with the same interests and opinions. These forums can either be public or private. Below is a list of some of the popular public forums.


Stack Overflow



Yahoo Groups

Google Answers

Something Awful