Branding is what helps your business create and maintain a connection with customers. It’s the way to create a specific and permanent image of your business in their minds. To ensure that your brand image sticks in the minds of your audience, it's important to stay consistent with your brand.

So, what is brand consistency? Brand consistency is defined as the pattern of expression that impacts what your target audience thinks about your business. Consistency in branding is the most effective way for a business to get recognized.

It helps you build awareness and create trust with your audience. If you keep repeating something, it becomes very hard to forget it. It’s like that favorite song you know with the very first beat.


Brand Recognition

You must have experienced this instance; you see a TV advert and as soon as it starts you already know the company it belongs to or a case where you hear an audio advert and immediately you already know the company. This is a result of consistent branding by those specific companies. The same case applies on social media, when you share a consistent message or use a unique and consistent theme for your visuals, your audience will know it’s you even without looking further into your profile. When your branding is consistent, you won’t need to spend much on ads to reach your audience.


Brand Awareness

Consistent branding helps businesses build brand awareness. When it comes to making purchasing decisions, customers are more likely to buy from a brand they already know. According to a study done by The Verde Group and the Wharton School, about two-thirds of shoppers will use more than one channel to make purchasing decisions (Jackson, 2018). You can ensure that by sharing consistent image colors, tone of voice in messages, image quality, and logo placement across platforms. Also, have a consistent posting schedule, such that you post at specific times of the day. This way, your brand will always be in the minds of your target audience.


Create Trust

As a business, you can gain the trust of your audience by simply being consistent with your branding. When you share posts consistently and ensure to interact with your audience in the comment section, you will create a relationship with them and trust will be developed eventually. Be available when the customers need your help, respond to their questions and address any questions about your brand’s integrity. Customers are more likely to purchase from brands they trust. So, work on building that trust.


The conclusion is that you need to have a consistent branding that your logo and colors are easily recognizable. Also, the more your target audience sees you on their social media timelines and the more they see your adverts, the higher the chances of picking you as their first choice when making a purchase.




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