How To Use WhatsApp For Business

WhatsApp is a reliable messaging that was launched in 2009. The App is currently owned by Facebook since 2014. WhatsApp has also undergone a series of improvements such as end to end encryptions, voice messaging, video calls and other features that enhance user experience. One of the key features is the introduction of two versions of WhatsApp. The first version is Standard WhatsApp that is used by individuals while the second version is WhatsApp Business, used for business purposes.  

WhatsApp (standard)

It is the most preferred type of WhatsApp for personal use. It allows users to send one-on-one and group messages. This application supports both Android iOS cellphone platforms. It also has basic features used for individual communication.  

WhatsApp for business

There are two versions of WhatsApp used for business purposes. They include WhatsApp Business App and WhatsApp Business API.

WhatsApp Business App

It is used by small business businesses for a one-on-one and group messaging. It has several templates and an indication that it’s a business chat. This can be supported by both Android and iOS platforms. This account can be created using a cellphone or landline number. It is free to use and can supported different forms of messages such as text, audio, multimedia, location, files and documents with a 100MB limit.  

WhatsApp Business can make both audio and video calls. It can also broadcast messages to a maximum of 256 contacts. WhatsApp contacts can be retrieved from phone contacts. The App has automation features such as greeting, away and quick reply messages.  

WhatsApp Business is easy to install and use. It can also be installed parallel to standard WhatsApp. However the App can only be used by one user on a single device at a given time.  

WhatsApp Business API

It is the most preferred application for automation processes via API. It is commonly used in medium and large corporations for supporting call centers and the overall communication processes. It implies that this application does not have a standard mobile interface as it can be customized to meet different organizational needs. The account cannot be created by a phone number, instead the company is supposed to apply for WhatsApp partnership.  

Charges apply to the messages sent through API per session or template. In some cases, it may be free depending on the reply pattern. Template messaging is approved by WhatsApp before API sends messages.  This App does not have calling capabilities but the API broadcasts are not limited like the other WhatsApp types. API is used to manage automation of messages and management of contacts.

WhatsApp Business API can be integrated into the company’s CRM and be used by more than one user at a time. However, account creation requires approval and messages responded to after 24 hours must be paid for.  

How To Use WhatsApp for Branding

WhatsApp supports ads that can be in form of text, pictures and videos. Most individuals and small businesses upload their ads directly to their WhatsApp status for their target audience to view. Other companies use WhatsApp link on Facebook and Instagram for CTA where clients can click on the WhatsApp messaging button and communicate directly to the company.  

However, it is important to follow the required step so that you can get the most out of the ad campaign. Some of the steps are discussed below.

  1. Connecting your ad account: this process involves creating a WhatsApp business account using your business contact number.    
  2. Adding WhatsApp contact to Facebook: As an admin of the Facebook page, go to settings and select add WhatsApp number. A verification code will be sent to your WhatsApp account. Then you will click done.
  3. Sync info: this option is available is you want the business information shown on your Facebook account to be shown on WhatsApp as well.  

It is also important to note that regardless of the WhatsApp type you are using in your business or company, you should stick to the primary logo for WhatsApp show in the picture below.

Interesting WhatsApp Stats

  1. WhatsApp id the third most popular social media network in the world.
  2. WhatsApp is the most popular mobile messing app in the world (more than 2 billion active users in a month).
  3. 58% of WhatsApp users access the app more than once in a day.  

4 uses of WhatsApp for Business

You may be asking yourself about the relevance of WhatsApp in your business. Well, here are the 4 basic uses:

1. Elevate your customer service

A WhatsApp business account enhances your social media customer service by reducing the distance between clients and the company. This goal can be achieved through;

  • Quick replies: WhatsApp allows you to create messages in templates which allows you to take the shortest time possible in responding to customer queries.
  • Labels: this features users to organize activities or messages into various categories.  

  • Away and Greeting messages: it is an automation feature that reduces the time taken to respond to clients. It allows you to set expectations for a client awaiting for services.  

2. Showcase your products in a catalog

This feature allows a business owner to puts goods on display in form of a mobile storefront. Customers can browse through different sections of the catalog to find a variety of goods on display. The catalog allows clients to message the business owner while browsing through the product features of an item they are interested in.  

3. Communicate with colleagues and other employees

WhatsApp is not limited to client communication. It is also used by business owners to keep in touch with their employees. File sharing and broadcasting feature allows employees to use WhatsApp as the main tool of communication.  

4. Networking with industry professionals

WhatsApp can be used in professional networking capacity like zoom and Skype. Two main features for this role include its ability to make audio and video calls and a feature that allows users to synchronize the mobile app with the desktop for better experience in office communication.  



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