What Is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a standalone page on a website created to help with converting visitors into leads in a marketing campaign. It's the first place where a visitor lands after they have clicked on a link from social media, email, or from google ads. A landing page will work if you offer something valuable, such as a free guide or an eBook in exchange for filling out a form to provide their contact information. It should be used to getthe visitors to click through a specific action such as making a purchase or subscribing to a mail list. A perfectly developed landing page should up your chances of success.


Setting Up Your Campaign Marketing Goal

Since a landing page is created to increase chances of your marketing campaign’s success, the first thing to do before its creation is determining your campaign goals. You need to have measurable goals to help you determine the specific elements or sections you need to have on the page. It should also guide you in choosing the right template and in creation of copy. So, the biggest question is what do you want to achieve with your landing page? Use that to develop the most effective landing page for your campaign. Carmicheal (2020) states that when you chose a template, it should help you achieve your goals. Some of the goals you might have include generation of more leads, increasing conversions and generation of more sales.


Generate More Leads

A lead is any individual who has shown interest in a businesses’ product or service but has not taken the step to buy yet. Lead generation is simply gaining the interest of potential clients with an aim to increase sales. By using landing pages, you can easily fuel growth. You just need to know exactly what you want your visitors to do like sign up for a free demo/free trial, a free guide book, or to reach out for a quote.


Increase Conversions

A conversion takes place when a visitor to your website meets a desired goal. In case you prompted them to subscribe to an email list by filling a form and they do it, that's a conversion and same for sales. There are different types of conversions including, leads, email signups, filling forms, and online sales.


Generate More Sales

A carefully crafted landing page should turn visitors into buyers. Your landing page should have call to actions (CTA) prompting your visitors to make purchase of a specific product and ensure to give reasons why they should do it.

Remember that both the design and copy for your landing page should be well thought of before anything is done. Although design comes first in most cases, in this case the design should be inspired by the type of copy. Start with identifying the right headings for each section on the landing page.

Ensure the headline you use grabs the visitor’s attention. Keep it short, clear, informative, and memorable. It should point out something that is troubling your visitors and they don’t have a solution yet. Give them a solution with the headline. For example: “Are you compliant with social media archiving rules” or “Become compliant with social media archiving rules.” The headline “are you compliant” is addressing an issue that is troubling your target audience and the second one saying “become compliant” is giving them a solution to a problem. Your copy is meant for clients or customers who are not conversant with technology terms so ensure to use simple language that is easy to understand.

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