In the digital era, social media has turned out to be a very resourceful tool in business. Social media enables small, and large enterprises reach their marketing goals much easier. Social media facilitate interaction with customers and leads to an increase in trust and intention to buy.

When consumers interact with a brand more, they gain trust with the brand and can easily make a purchase of the products and services offered. Trust has a significant direct effect on intention to buy.  According to Cox (2019), trust built through social media, 67% of people have purchased after seeing an advertisement on social media.

Most Popular Social Media Platforms


Facebook is the biggest social networking site, with 2.3 billion users from all around the world. Facebook used to be the best tool for connecting with friends and family, but today it has as well become a place for users to run their businesses and consumers to search for their favorite product and recommendations.

Manifest (2019) reports that consumers are most likely to make a purchase from a brand they follow 52% Facebook, 16% Instagram, 11% YouTube, 10% Pinterest, 6% Twitter.



The wide range of eye-catching visuals and inspiring creativity makes Instagram a favorite for many. Instagram, which was acquired by Facebook some years back, has about 1 billion users. The platform is considered perfect for social media influencer marketing.

Users can share photos, videos, stories, live videos, long videos via IGTV and recently, a fun feature similar to TikTok named Reels was launched. You can get either a personal or business profile for free on Instagram.


YouTube is a video-sharing platform owned by Google. The platform popularity places it second as the biggest social media site globally. YouTube brings together people across the world through the varied video content.

Famous YouTubers, especially the Video bloggers or vloggers, have turned out to be resourceful influencers for businesses who target YouTube followers. The site has a population of over 2 billion logged-in users who are potential consumers.



TikTok is a video sharing platform. As well, the platform allows users to create fun and entertaining videos. During the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, TikTok has been of much help with its video with audio sync making feature. It has brought a smile to the world amidst tough times.

The site is a destination for short videos, and it has achieved its mission of inspiring creativity and bringing joy to all age and gender across the world.  

There are about 500 million TikTokers globally. Due to its popularity, the platform has become a perfect spot for running ads. This has not only benefitted businesses but has offered a new occupation of TikTokers who earn from creating fun videos.  



Twitter is not a new name to many. The platform has existed for over a decade now and has turned out to be the best channel for news, entertainment, sports, politics etc. Twitter has over 300 million monthly active users. The users engage in the form of short messages called tweets, which can have videos or pictures embedded.

The platform is unique due to its emphasis on reporting events as they happen or real-time news. Recently, Twitter introduced a rule that all Fake news or unsubstantiated claims sent as tweets will be removed and facts or link to the factual information shared. Due to its popularity, Twitter has also been a perfect platform for businesses to advertise either directly or through Influencers.  

If you are planning to advertise on social media, this list will help you in making a choice. There are many other social networking sites you can choose from, but we have developed a list of the top most used sites where your advertising can pay off quickly. Either you are running paid ads or using social media influencer marketing, you will not be disappointed by choosing any of the platforms.  

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