In the current digital era, it is very likely for brands and marketers to choose the only advertising tool they know and one that has many users. For instance, Facebook is the biggest among social platforms and has a well-organized online campaign metric tool (Facebook Analytics), which is easy to use. To be real, choosing Facebook for marketing is very okay and wise since the platform tops among the most used social media platforms. However, the question might be, is it obvious that every brand will find its target audience on Facebook or any other single platform.

Identifying your Audience

In advertising, knowing where your target audience is located is very important when running a campaign. It highly determines the success of your campaign. To be on the right here, it would be crucial first to understand the platforms and interact with them to get to know the kind of users interacting in such communities. With knowledge of the platforms and the communities found in them, you can know where your brand can sell best with no difficulty.  

Targeted Marketing

Targeted marketing is complex than it sounds especially based on the algorithm used by a platform. You might get recommendations for your targeted audience like age, but fail to get what you intended with the campaign. If you are targeting a certain age group, you might as well go deeper and be specific with what you are selling to them. How many among that group are interested in your product?

And how many of those interested are likely to make a purchase? Your platform of choice should match what your campaign is all about. It should be able to bring you sales, not just impressions.

Several platforms are usually overlooked by marketers and brands as well. However, these might be the answer to your failed marketing campaigns. Below are some platforms you might have overlooked when planning your social media marketing.  


Although TikTok paid advertising is growing its roots now, its potential is highly recognizable. The use of TikTok across the globe has grown exponentially, and more people are joining the platform every day. The platform can be described as captivating, and marketers could highly benefit from this rising market.

According to Forbes, TikTok videos garner 17 billion monthly average views, with users spending an average of 46 minutes per day in the app (Qudsi, 2019).  

They just need to understand how the platform works and the type of audience available there. As a brand, this could be your new marketplace, especially if you are selling youth products and services. What you need is to learn how to get to them in a fun way created by the platform.

Direct and transparent ads may not work here; you need to run ads in a format that aligns with the type of content share there.


As a community and discussions based platform, Reddit gives you a perfect chance to learn your target audience so that when you run your ad, you are sure you are selling to the right people.

You get to join and reach specific Subreddits where you have conversations with Redditors. Also, you should note that ads on Reddit are not run as done in other platforms, you must first fit in a particular community and engage with them for a while before you run ads.

This because Redditors don’t like targeted ads, especially ones they are not interested in. However, with prior experience with them, you can easily craft a campaign and get the sales you are chasing.  


Twitter tagline is “See What's Happening” and can be used to the advantage of your brand. This will work much better when you are active on the platform. You need to be able to share content that is engaging or one that is telling what is happening/what is trendy.

Targeting on the platform is on things that are happening in the moment or most recent news. Only then will the users get to engage with your content. Once you nail that, you can easily sell your products. Share reactive content, and you will get engagement from prospects who will most likely turn to customers.


LinkedIn might be the last place you want to run your ad. Could you be wrong? LinkedIn is not as big as the other platforms and is only limited to professional connections. However, if you are looking to connect with key decision-makers and maybe you are targeting job titles, this is where to go. Any time you need to reach an audience with a professional mindset, you should use LinkedIn. Also, for any approach to B2B marketing, this is the only platform you can have a perfect targeting.    


As evidenced, marketing is more of understanding the user’s behavior, not numbers. To win in social media marketing, you need to know who your audience is and whether what you are selling matches that audience. This can only be done by having interactions or engaging with the users more to get to know them.


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