To win in the digital era, you need to be updated on the latest social media marketing trends. What worked in your 2019 social media marketing campaign may not work in 2020. Technology is changing people’s lives and preferences much faster now.

So, you also need to move with the current times. Be updated and knowledgeable with the most recent and trendy marketing mix. You should be able to share content that engages your target audience. You want to do your social media marketing right? Below is a list of social media marketing trends for 2020.  

Influencer marketing

Social media influencer marketing has become a big thing now, and more brands are embracing it as a mode of advertising. The budget for influencer marketing is expected to grow even bigger this year and coming years.

According to Zeng (2020), in 2019, 40% of marketers ran influencer marketing campaigns, and most of them say that they are willing to devote up to 50% of their digital marketing spend to this industry. More brands are also engaging influencers to promote their products since they have realized the impact influencer marketing has on return on investment ROI.

Traditional marketing is losing its potency as consumers now prefer getting recommendations about a product from people they trust. Influencer marketing is divided according to the types of influencers, including mega, macro, micro, and Nano influencers.

For best results, you might have to spend hundreds of thousands. However, your influencer marketing should be based on the size of your business. You choose the type influencer you want based on your budget and intended reach. The more you want, the more you pay. So, there is an opportunity for all, big and small.  

Social selling

In this era, a store and a website are not enough to meet those sales target. More people are joining social media, and one of the things they value about the platforms is the ability to get the products they want and recommendations much easier.

So, if your brand is not on social media, you might need to reconsider and add your products to social media. Consumers want an easy way to interact with your product and make a purchase in just a few clicks.

Use of Augmented Reality AR

Augmented reality isn’t that complex as it sounds. Most people might say it's only for the tech-savvy marketers, but it really isn’t. The chances are that you have already interacted with AR without realizing it.

For instance, the interactive product demo, the filters on Instagram photos, and snapchat photo options are all examples of augmented reality. Another great aspect of AR is virtual tours. This you can do any time and give the audience a first-hand experience.  

Use of Stories feature

Running ads via stories on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, the original stories platform has become a thing in 2020. More people are viewing stories, and there is no better way to win in marketing than taking advantage of this feature. Currently, you can run ads, add a shopping basket tag, and call to action to the stories.

This helps generate leads and increase sales. As well, stories are increasing engagement between brands and consumers through the future that allows sending of feedback via questions and polls. It is a fun way to learn how the audience sees you and improve accordingly.  

Personalized marketing

Marketing on social media is not done just like that without laying out a plan or strategy. To run a successful marketing campaign, several things must be considered one of them being the target audience. Segmenting a target audience has become more popular in the social media marketing world.

You might have experienced this. Remember that time you clicked on an ad, what followed was an endless list of sponsored ads in the same category? The marketing tool personalized the ads you saw, and it is has become a trend in 2020. Personalized marketing is meant to help consumers see the ads they are interested in and brands to meet the right audience.  

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