How to Optimize Your Website?

Any time you want to improve your website’s performance, drive more traffic, increase conversions, and grow your revenue, pick the best SEO tools and purpose to use advanced strategies, and most practical experiments. You should understand that website optimizing is a continuous process, and it's only easier when you have tools to assist.  

Search engine optimization (SEO) is identified as the most significant aspect of optimizing your website. This procedure does it all, it ensures that some of your website pages rank higher Search engine results pages (SERPs) for particular keywords, enables prospects to find your brand much easier, and it gives your site visitors the best user experience. Having the best experience on your website or getting everything they wanted and much more, prospects easily convert into a leads.  

By optimizing your website with the right tools, you for sure not only tap to unexploited markets but you as well encourage more conversions and more revenue.  

Let’s get to it now. Before we give you the golden list we first lay out the steps towards an organically optimized website.  

4 Critical Steps to an Organically Optimized Website

SEO audit

An SEO audit is a process by which you check your website's health. A successful audit of your website should give you a report on your strengths, weaknesses, and potential. A useful SEO audit tool should identify any technical problems, and get you to stop any spam and remove any issue restricting search engines to crawl through your website or preventing you from ranking.  

Keyword research and development

You need first to conduct a keyword nomination here, which involves the development of a focused list of search terms that relate to your customer base. Then, you need to review competitive keyword lists or a list used mostly in your industry. You should identify the recently used search engine queries or phrases and the competitors using the same keywords. Also, prioritize on words or queries that are often misspelt.  

Optimize your content

Now, you can start optimizing. First create page titles that are keyword based. Create meta description tags to help with click-through. Add strategic search queries and phrases on your pages. Make it easier for search engines (Google and Bing) to index your site by developing both HTML and XML versions.  


You need to perform continuous testing and measuring of your website. Always analyze your search engine ranking as well as web traffic. This helps identify how your added keywords are performing. You will also need to do constant maintenance focused on the modification of your keywords and content you added to ensure your ranking is always improved. Keywords can change, and new information can come up. So you need to keep your content updated and the same for keywords.

To make that happen, however, you will need the best tools in play. Here goes the golden list.  

10 Best SEO Tools for Auditing, Researching, and Monitoring

Google's Webmaster Tools/Google Search Console

Cost: Free

The Google webmaster tool is what you need to be found on Google. There is no better way to see how Google sees you than using their own tool. Google Search Console is a free service developed to help you measure your website traffic and performance. The tool also allows you to monitor, fix issues, troubleshoot your website, and ensure your website shines on Google search.

Get real insights on how Google sees you and fix any issues that might affect your ranking. This tool is simply the best because, one, it is offered by one of the largest search engines globally, and two because this same tool determines how your website is ranking so, they understand the process way better. They know what is needed and what is not and also what exactly affect your ranking.


Cost: starts at $99/mo for Lite plan  

Ahrefs is an advanced SEO tool that will explore your site, explore keywords for you, conduct a site audit, track your rank, and explore your content. They are giving you under the hood view of your website's performance to expose any issue that could be preventing your site from ranking well on search engines.

Site Audit tool helps with the atomization of your website.

Site Explorer helps with the analysis of your competitors.

Keywords Explorer studies what your customers are searching for.

Content Explorer gives you reports on your industry's top-performing content.

Rank Tracker helps with tracking your progress.  

By using Ahrefs, you get access to trillions of backlinks, billions of keywords, and content.


Cost: starts at $13.50/mo for Lite Version  

Sitebulb has been created in a way that makes the website audits more thorough.  By using Sitebulb's audit tool, you get prioritized hints, audit scores, flexible pdf reports, evergreen Googlebot Crawler, audit comparison, data visualization, url explores, and crawl huge websites.  

Prioritized hints help you identify any issues such as invalid elements that could affect your ranking due to missed tags.  

Audit score gives you an instant report or your SEO score.  

Flexible pdf reports give you a customized pdf report for different tests such as audit score, security score, SEO score, and page speed score.

The evergreen Googlebot crawler is designed to meet Googles new method of rendering webpages, which requires the use of Chromium. You will not miss anything. You get to see through Google's eyes.

Audit comparison gives you metrics on what changed between your last audit and the present day. Your scores are demonstrated graphically.

Data visualization is the answer to quick spotting of patterns and expressing complex ideas in the form of graphs.

Url reports help you build customized reports.  

Crawl huge gives you the ability to crawl massive websites and an unlimited number of domains. So you can do complete audits for all your clients regardless of size or quantity.


Cost: $49/mo with a 5-day free trial  

Growthbar is a Chrome extension that helps with keyword search, competitive analysis, and SEO ranking. The SEO tool offers its users access to millions of keyword suggestions, backlinks, Google Ads, and keyword tracking.  Growthbar lives in the Google search engine results page, which makes it a useful tool in the optimization of your website. This tool has been developed to help your website grow.  

Google Analytics

Cost: Free

Google Analytics is a free service tool offered by Google.  The tool has been developed to track and report on a website's traffic. This tool lets you track your website on the go, and from a single place. Upon understanding the key features in Google analytics, you can easily perform your website's audit to identify any bugs or issues on your website. Remember that Google Analytics will also track other tools like Google Search Console data. The tool will also help you identify broken pages and bad urls. You just need to know where to go. Every resource is available.


Cost: starts at $99.95/mo for Pro Version

Semrush SEO tool gives its users an all-in-one marketing tool kit. The tool collects and processes huge amounts of data to ensure they provide the best solutions for marketing professionals.  

The tool runs a technical SEO audit, tracks your website daily ranking, analyzes your competitor’s SEO strategy, analyzes any domains backlink profile, researches millions of keyword ideas, gather's SEO ideas to help you gain more organic traffic.  

You also gain access to 20 million keyword ideas, an analysis of your competitor's ad budgets and keywords, deep link analysis, a check on your backlink geolocation, and different websites traffic and performance.


Cost: starts at $59.99/mo for pro plan and has a 14-day free trial  

Woorank SEO tool is an instant SEO checker and audit tool. The tool tracks and connects users marketing data to help streamline marketing efforts and online visibility. By giving you access to your competitor’s keywords, the tool enables you to stay ahead of the competition.  

The tool gives marketers opportunities for optimization and improvement through an in-depth analysis of websites.  

Woorank gives you anything you need to know about keywords. Its keyword tool helps you with tracking your website ranking, finding new keywords, competitors, local positions, and any changes that have occurred to search results.

Notable features include:

  • Site Crawl
  • SEO Monitoring
  • Sales Tools
  • WooRank Extension


Cost: starts at $350/mo

Clearscope uses AI powered platforms to helps its users get more out of their content. The tool does not only help with creating the best content but also ensures your content is highly relevant to the market needs. So, they will help you create content and drive organic traffic.  

Clearscope believes that SEO is all about giving people the most relevant answers to their questions. BY identifying the most searched queries, you can be able to offer the most relevant answers to the questions. Even with the most backlinks and technical optimization, your website will not rank better since your content didn’t meet the prospect's queries.  

Yoast Plugin

Cost: starts at $69

Yoast is a WordPress SEO plugin. The tool is developed to help optimize specific aspects of your website. Yoast will optimize your website for the right keywords. It will identify and help you avoid having dead links on your site. It will give you link suggestions as you write your content. The tool also has video SEO for WordPress that helps increase your videos findability, enhances post sharing experience, and makes videos responsive via fitvids,js. Other features include local SEO for WordPress plugin that allows your site to be visible in local search results, makes you stand out in Google maps results and helps get more customers to your store.

Check My Link

Cost: Free

Check My Link is a link optimization tool that will find out whether links on a webpage, be it external or internal actually work. Check My Link is an extension and link that crawls through your webpage to identify if there are any broken links. The tool has been developed for web designers, developers, and content editors. As an extension, the tool quickly finds links on a webpage and checks every one of them to see whether they are working. After the check, the valid or working links and the broken links are highlighted in different colors. It gives you an option to copy the bad links to your clipboard by just a click.

Now you have a list to choose from any time you need an SEO audit tool. You, however, don’t have to go far C180 dashboard Essential SEO Tools will offer you site auditing, rank tracking, and competitor analysis services. See your website ranking, identify any issues with your website, and get insights on your competitor’s SEO performance. We will also help you with SEO optimization that will bring your site on top of google search in no time.


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