In the last few years more marketers have been working with influencers to promote products and services. Currently, 63% of marketers work with 10 or more influencers on every campaign. In 2017, 92% of marketers who used influencer marketing found it to be effective (Bradley, 2017).

Any time you work with an influencer, you should be looking to increase sales and brand awareness. Also, ensure that you look for ways to synthesize your brand and product with the influencer you chose. Genuine influencers are seeking genuine experiences because they translate into genuine experiences with their followers or the consumers. Offering genuine reviews allows the influencers to grow their following easier.

According to Patel (2020), if the right influencer marketing techniques are applied, you can see an ROI of $6.50 per every $1 spent. As a marketer ensure you have a strategy for working with influencer in place.


Build Your Content Library

As a brand, it is important to collaborate with influencers in creating content that positions you as a helpful resource. Influencers should only be relied on 100% in generation of content that you as a business owner can’t create in house such as producing videos and images, but brands should evaluate all content before it’s shared out there.

The most important thing is to ensure that the content fits within your brands aesthetic and is in compliance with influencing or promotion guidelines. Only work with influencers that align with your aesthetic regardless of their level of influence. You need someone who can represent your brand in the best way possible.


Go For Higher Engagement When Looking for Influencers

There are 4 main types of influencers Mega-influencers, Macro-influencers, Micro-influencers, and Nano-influencers. Mega influencers have over 1 million followers and consist of mostly celebrities.

Macro-influencers have between 50k to 1 million followers. Micro influencers have between 10k to 50 followers. Finally, nano-influencers have 1k to 10k followers. The more the followers they have, the higher the charge because influencer marketing fee is calculated per 10k followers.

So, if you plan to work with a celebrity with over 1 million followers, you will be forced to part with huge amounts of cash. Nonetheless, you don’t need to spend all that money to get influencer marketing ROI. Research shows that more brands work with micro influencers for real results because the influencers have astronger and more genuine relationship with their followers (Kay, Mulcahy,& Parkinson, 2020).

There is higher and real engagement between micro-influencers and their followers.

Consumers are more likely to trust an endorsement from an average person because the content experience is authentic at this level. Although Macro influencers have a higher following, the level of engagement with their followers is generally lower compared to micro influencers.

Also, micro-influencers have less brand ties, which allows them to better sell your products. They have enough time to create quality content and to engage with followers. For best results, work with multiple micro influencers.


Use Influencer-Generated Content in Emails

Use of influencer-generated content is one way you can increase click-through rate ofyour emails. Including influencers content in your emails diversifies your content and can help in generating more engagement with your audience and will eventually help you grow.


Share with us other ways one canget more brand value from influencer marketing.



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