Given the critical role search engine optimization SEO plays in your brand or business ranking, it is essential to know the main SEO techniques to give more focus.  A good SEO should get you more search leads and increased conversions. With good organic traffic out of SEO, you will not need to do much-paid search marketing. So, here are some tips you can utilize to grow your leads and lessen outbound leads.  

1- Increase website loading speed

Slow pages can cost you a vast share of conversions as most people treat slow pages as untrustworthy. The visitors will leave and never come back if the pages they are looking for take time to load. A good loading speed you should target is 1 second. In SEO, every second counts. So, ensure that at no time your website takes an extra second or half to load.  

2- Create content with the reader in mind  

You might be thinking of going for keywords in their content as it is known to be necessary for SEO ranking. Well, that’s not the case. Always prioritize creating that human connection with your audience. Quality and customized content enhances user experience and helps build trust with the target audience. By writing engaging content, you will draw more meaningful leads, and since search engines follow the users, you will definitely rank higher. So, the more engaging your content is, the more ranking you will get.  

3- Track your efforts with analytics

Any time you are developing a plan, ensure to include a strategy for metrics that ought to be measured and the tools you need to do that. There are free tools such as Google Analytics that can help track whether your SEO efforts are working or not. Make sure you can track your visitor’s navigation of your site, where they click and show interest and where they don’t.

4- Ensure your URLs are readable

The URL you include in your content, such as a blog, should be easily readable to the target audience. A perfect URL should be short, have no numbers, and should have complete words linked with dashes. Example:

5- Include relevant meta descriptions for every page

A meta description is the meta tag that acts as a 155-160 characters summary of a page (Peery, 2019). This summary or description is what search engines will show in search results, but only when the meta description includes the keywords being searched for by users.

The metadata helps by enticing users to click through your page. So, you need to have a well-crafted meta-description that offers a great user experience. Also, ensure you don’t have duplicate meta descriptions.  


Those are some of the most important SEO tips you should observe. They are crucial in making your content better and more customized for your audience, which will generate the required engagement. You follow these. You are on your road to getting more organic traffic and conversions.


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