Instagram reels allows you to create fun and engaging videos of up to 15 seconds with music in the background. This is similar to how TikTok works. Most people have even referred to reels as the new TikTok. This is because Reels has the same audio and video editing features available on TikTok.

One reason why everyone is now talking about Reels is one, because it was introduced in a platform with over 1 billion users, and two because it resembles TikTok features that made the platform so powerful leading to over 1 billion downloads globally in just 18months You can easily identify reels from an Instagram users account by looking for the Reels video icon on the upper right-hand corner.

Let’s see how reels work and why marketers need to keep Reels in mind.

How to Create Reels for The First Time

If you already have an Instagram account already, you can access Reels at the bottom of the Instagram camera. Reels comes with a number of amazing editing tools that appear on the left side of the screen. These tools are what makes reel incredible. They include:

Audio: you can add a song from Instagram music library or add original audio by just recording with your own voice. Once you use your original audio, this will be attributed to you and the amazing thing is that other users with access to your reel can use your audio on their reels by choosing “Use Audio.”

AR effects: The augmented reality AR effect helps users record multiple clips with unique effects.

Timer and countdown: Reels give users a chance to record content handsfree with the countdown timer option. You get to choose the time for the countdown so you can have enough time to move and prepare.

Align: This feature gives your reel a seamless transition from your previous clip. It helps create amazing clips like the outfit change or adding multiple people in a reel.

Speed: This feature helps your reel stay on beat with the option to speed or slow down the video or audio you are using to create your reel.  

How to Share a Reel

For those using a public account, you have the chance to share your reel with your followers. You can also share with a wider community by sharing the reel with a dedicated space in Explore.  Instagram Explore is the source for real-time content curation. Here content appears based on a user’s past likes or watched content. If you are using a private account, your reels just like your other Instagram content is available only to your followers.  

How brands Can Take Advantage of reels

Brands can use reels features to make great and entertaining content. A reel for a brand does not have to be a funny/comic video. For instance, a fashion industry brand can create beautiful videos using reels. This can be done by taking advantage of the reels align feature that lets you create seamless videos changing into multiple clothes or shoes. You will get a chance to showoff clothing combination and style in a fun way.

Another important thing that marketers and brands should understand is that reels can have a call-to-action CTA included as a caption. The CTA can also be a stressed in the video or audio and is very important in the marketing world because it prompts the viewer to take an action. It increases chances for conversions.

Reels have engagement metrics you can measure. As a brand, it is important to know how your content is performing because it determines how successful your marketing efforts were. The more the engagement, the closer you get to your marketing goals. Reels has a like and comment button, so you can measure your performance by the number of likes and comments garnered. With so many people using new technology, it is important to blend in and reach the audience where they are.  


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