Defining social media marketing – it is simply the use of social media platforms to promote a product or a service. It can also be referred to as a form of internet marketing that involves developing and sharing content across social media platforms. This form of advertising helps a brand reach its target audience much easier. This because engaging with prospects and existing customers is made possible and more interesting. Social media is a great equalizer (Sharma, 2017). It gives chances to all brands, big and small.

3 pillars of Social Media Marketing

  • Paid media – It's considered one of the quickest ways to drive traffic. It includes boosted/sponsored posts, influencer marketing, video ads, carousel ads, story ads, photo ads, etc.  
  • Owned media – Stands for digital marketing channels that a business has complete control over. Owned media leads to earned media. It includes branded websites, email marketing, social media posts, and blogs.
  • Earned media – This is marketing created by an ecommerce company’s online audience, loyal customers, and any third party. It includes product reviews/customer testimonials, shares, comments, mentions, and retweets.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  • Helps increase brand visibility online
  • Creates consumer awareness
  • Increases leads
  • Gives a platform to tell a brands story to the target audience
  • Leads to increased engagement
  • Helps gain insight on audience demographics
  • Helps drive conversions  
  • It's cost-effective

Challenges of Social Media Marketing

Budget - Social media marketing requires continuous testing, like conducting A/B testing, which requires an additional budget.

Content - Every social media strategy has content planned for. Content is the only means for a company to tell a brand’s story. The better the content/story, the higher the chances of attracting more customers. Content needs to be created continuously and might require more personnel to get it done, including photographers, editors, writing staff, and videographers.

C180 Social Media Impact

Our company may go over 6 years back, but social media knowledge goes back 20+ years. From developing profiles for world leaders to creating social media campaign strategy and creating one of a kind online campaign technology, we boost expertise and experience. Our years working with world leaders and celebrities have helped us understand the potential of social media. We have developed a more cutting-edge technology that we believe will change every type of business return on investment. We offer guaranteed growth with our social media strategy and technology.

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Sharma, R. (2017, December). Social media is an equalizer, when you make the time to use it.