Generally, copy content need a perfect structure including an image, heading/title, subheading, and body text. However, that’s not all this structure requires adding the right content. We should not consider any part as more important and neglect the other.

For instance, most people think that having a perfect image and title is enough, and they will not pay much attention to the body text. Lautenslager and Levinson, (2014) states that although design is important in marketing, copy is king because it is copy that does the selling.

Any detailed information about the copy can only be found in the body text. Below is a guideline known as AIDA and it is very helpful for creating your ad.

Making A Perfect Advertising Copy

Attention – Your ad should grab the audiences’ attention immediately and have them stop further scrolling.

Interest – grabbing their attention is not enough, they need something enticing about what you are selling and here they will want to get to know more about your product.

Desire – you got their attention and they are interested now, you need to give them something that will make them enter your store or website and leave whichever app they were using before. You need to create a sense of urgency and the best phrases for creating desire include, Today only, last chance, or Everything is 70% OFF 48 hours only.  

Action – ensure you have a compelling call to Action.

That’s how you make a perfect advertising copy.  

Making A Perfect Feed Copy

This is information you create for social media posts.

First you will need to create a persona for your brand and ensure to be consistent with it. Social media is where most of your audience is located, and you need to create a good first impression. Having created a good first impression with the persona you can be sure that your engagement with the audience will increase.  

As we highlighted earlier a copy requires image but the image need to be accompanied with short but engaging content.

Long-Form Copy

Most people ignore long posts on any platform, and the only time they read it is when it is engaging. Engaging content will keep the individual wanting to read more and more and this is the type of content you need to help sell your products. You need that hot topic with twists that everyone wants to see. Make sure that the information or story you share is relatable and not something that is so obvious. As well, long form content is usually beneficial when it comes to search engine optimization SEO.  

Remember to:

  • Include a keyword in the first paragraph
  • Have an interest fact or news
  • Ensure your content offer value immediately

Make sure to share small pieces of information about your brand as you go down the body text, however, the information should be relevant. Long posts can also be made more interesting by including subheadings in between.

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Lautenslager, A., & Levinson, J. (2014). Guerrilla marketing in 30 days. Entrepreneur Press.