What is Social Listening?

Social listening is the process of monitoring social media platforms for mentions of your product, service, brand and competitors. It is one of the tactics that a brand should utilize to grow their business. Making meaningful changes for business growth demands use of powerful insights in this modern digital society. You can get information on what other people are saying about you brand through searching for:

  1. Brand slogans
  2. Brand name and social media handles
  3. Branded hashtags
  4. Industry hashtags
  5. Key people in your organization and that of your competitor
  6. Campaign names

Below we have listed ways on how social listening help you improve or grow your business.  

Competitor Analysis

Almost all businesses are on social media today, which makes the market highly competitive. One way of gaining competitive advantage is by tracking your competitor’s on social media to help make better choices or improve areas that are not performing. By analyzing your competitors, you can identify positive attributes you should adopt or negative attributes that you should avoid.  

Valuable Insights for Improved Customer Service

Through social listening, you get to know what people are saying about your business. It is the best way you can see all the positive and negative reviews that customers are leaving online. This insight will tell you your strong and weak areas so that you can improve appropriately. It is by understanding your weaknesses that you can change how you deal customers or products you offer.

Lead Generation

Social media listening makes it easier for you to identify and join conversations revolving around your brand. It is one of the easiest wats to attract customers because you have a chance to directly inform the about your product or service. social listening helps increase prospects for income through lead generation capabilities (Genylabs, 2019). Social listening offers the data you need to understand your customers and a channel to connect with people interested in your brand. It therefore becomes easier to direct them the to the right direction.  

To run a successful social media marketing campaign, you need to understand your audience and also the status of your brand. It is these basics that help you develop a winning social media strategy.  

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