Digital Ads: What They Are & How to Do Them Right

Digital Ads are a digital marketing technique that uses digital channels to promote products and services. Digital ads can be delivered through email, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, or even on your phone via an app. They allow brands to reach customers in places they're already spending time - which means you don't need to spend as much money on traditional advertising methods like TV ads. But digital ads can also seem complicated at first glance because there's so many different types of digital ad formats out there! In this blog post, we'll cover what digital ad formats exist and how best to use them for your business goals.

What Is Meant By Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising is a digital marketing technique that uses digital channels to promote products or services through promotional material delivered to the target audience via email, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, messaging apps, streaming devices, digital billboards, and search engines (Patel, 2021). Digital ads include interactive elements including videos that enable people to engage with brands more quickly than static content in newspapers or magazines.  

What Are the Different Types of Digital Ads?

  • Social Media Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • SEM (Search Engine Advertising) - including PPC.
  • Pre-Poll Video
  • GEOFencing
  • Targeted display
  • Display retargeting
  • Google Smart Campaign
  • Display Advertising - including banner advertising & retargeting
  • Mobile Advertising

How To Do Digital Ads Right

1. Conduct Research

Don't just set out and start creating digital ads without a clear understanding of your goals. As with any marketing strategy, you'll need to do research first. You should be able to answer questions like:

  • Who is my target audience?
  • What are their digital habits? (e.g., how often they use social media?)
  • Where will I reach them best - which channels yield the highest ROI for my business goals or brand message?  

Once we know this information, we can begin planning our digital ad campaign!  

2. Understand The Buyer Journey

It is important to know what you need to share with the target audience at each buying process stage they are in.  

For example, if a digital ad is being used as part of a retargeting campaign with the goal to drive traffic back to your site it makes sense to highlight the benefits and features of your product or service along with ways for users to find out more about them (e.g., website link). This information should be presented before an email address form at the top of the page!  

On the other hand, if you want customers who have already been on your website then sending an email might be enough - just make sure that there's something new for them inside rather than simply sharing old content again! This saves money because digital ads can cost a lot depending on how many people see them. Remember: digital ads are an investment.

You should have multiple digital ad types so you can test what works best for your business goals and target audience!  

3. Know Your Target Audience

It goes without saying that digital ad campaigns should be a targeted as possible. You should know your target audience inside out so you can create content and digital ads that are relevant to them. You can't go wrong with digital advertising if you have a deep understanding of your customers' needs, wants and interests!

This includes knowing what their digital habits are - where they spend time online? What do they love sharing on social media? Do they prefer watching videos or reading text-based content? Digital ad campaigns for businesses should take into account these digital behaviors so the message is able to reach as many people as possible without spending too much money.  

4. Use Creative Elements That Stand Out

In digital advertising, it's all about standing out from the crowd.  

A digital ad should be eye-catching and relevant to your target audience so they take notice of what you have to offer! You can do this by using a variety of creative elements including images, video or animation - depending on which channel is being used for digital ads. For example, YouTube might work better with explainer videos while Facebook could make more sense as a place where still image ads are shown. All this depends on the platform you're using and your budget limitations - if that changes then change up your digital marketing strategy too! The intelligent selection here will help you get the best possible results! Remember: don't just use any old content otherwise, people will ignore digital ads.

There are many digital ad elements you can use to make your digital advertising campaign a success!  

5. Plan Your Budget

This is the most important digital marketing tip of all! You need to plan your budget in order to make digital advertising work for you. Online ads are often shown with other types of content - which means they compete against them for attention and clicks, so you'll want to make sure that the time/money spent on digital campaigns isn't wasted (negative ROI). It might sound like common sense but when creating a digital ad campaign remember: be smart about it. The choice of the platform to use should be based on what the platform is going to deliver in terms of digital ad results (Blue Fountain Media, 2015).  

6. Keep Track of the Digital Ads Campaign Performance

Another digital marketing tip is to track the performance of your digital ad campaigns. This will help you know which method or channel works best for them and cut out those that don't perform as expected saving money! You can use Google Analytics, Facebook Insights or other tools like Optimizely to keep an eye on what's working well so it can be continued while digital ad elements that don't perform well are cut out.  

This digital marketing tip ensures that time is not wasted on digital ads that aren't effective so you can focus your efforts where they matter most!  


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