What are Community Blogs?

Community blogs are predominantly content sharing websites where many authors, journalists, or users can post entries, and users can respond by primarily engaging through sharing or commenting on the articles or posts. C180 works with over 10 different types of Community Blogs.

The blogging platforms can also be termed as a broadcast-style communications system that authors use for publishing articles and sharing posts. The platforms use software through which people publish content online in the form of blogs. It’s a specific form of content management system. A blog is different from a website in a number of ways, such as the way content appears and details on the date published and the publisher. For instance, the most recent blog posts will appear first followed, and they will have time stamps and author information.

Most Popular Community Blog Platforms

Below is a list of the most popular community blog platforms you can use to share your information. When choosing a blogging platform, you need to pick a blog that is easy to set up and one that does not require any coding skills. It is important that when you start writing a blog with the right platform because changing later can bring you back.



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