In 2020, the way people work has changed immensely. Working from home was a thing for just a few, but in the last few months, more people have been working from home as the times demand. The coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to close their doors so as to observe social distancing.

Some people have lost their jobs, and the lucky ones have had to work from home. We have prepared a list of tools that have proven their worth in connecting people working from home by allowing them to have successful business conference calls.  

Top 5 Video Conference Tools for Business


Currently, zoom stands as the most used tool owing to the many options it offers. The long list of features makes the tool viable for different purposes. Zoom is the original software-based videoconferencing tech with perfect video quality, clear audio, and instant sharing abilities. Zoom has a free basic plan and paid plans with more and better features.



For people who had been using skype for some time, connecting during the lockdown and social distancing was not much of an issue since they could continue hanging out any time via Skype video and voice calls. Skype by Microsoft lets its users make free calls for up to 50 people. Skype technology boasts clear audio and video calling, screen sharing, and smart messaging. Skype video calls can be done via computer, mobile devices, and tablets.



GoToMeeting is another famous video conference tool. The tool has a long list of amazing features that have made it a good choice for people in 2020 and there before. GoToMeeting video calls host up to 250 participants, has unlimited meetings, HD videos, messaging, screen sharing, etc. The app can be downloaded in computers, mobile devices, and tablets. GoToMeeting also has integrations and plugins with Office 365 and Outlook and G-suite, making its capabilities much better (Millman, 2019).

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has been winning in the videoconferencing world with its list of amazing tools like Microsoft Teams or even skype. Microsoft Teams has been designed to support large organizations and small businesses with its 10,000 participant’s capacity. There is a free version for the tool, but to unlock all the amazing features, you might need to upgrade. Get to enjoy the best audio, video, chat, and team collaboration with Microsoft Teams.

Workplace From Facebook

Facebook is the most popular networking site and wins in terms of numbers. You can hold team meetings via the Facebook messenger app, which is also free for use just like the platform. It is easy to use for most people and becomes even better when one knows about the workplace by Facebook. This feature is free for the first 30 days. Users get to enjoy video conferencing, chat, group conferencing, live video, auto-translate, live newsfeed, etc.



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