What Is Content Amplification?

Content amplification is the process of using paid, owned, and earned media to help your content reach a wider audience. It is basically the use of online platforms to promote your content. By promoting your content through various platforms, you increase the chances of your audience interacting with it.

As a marketer, you need content amplification to boost ROI and brand awareness. This will help ensure you have increased reach and that your target audience moves through your sales funnel. So, content amplification is your best option when your efforts are to increase time spent on your website or lower bounce rates. There are various actions you can take to ensure successful amplification. Below is a list of five actions you should consider.

Email Marketing

Email marketing refers to the act of sending commercial emails to a certain group of people to promote a product, service, or to build relationships with potential clients (Fariborzi & Zahedifard, 2012). Email content can be in the form of a newsletter created from your blog content. You just need to make sure it is engaging and appealing. It is the only way to draw your audiences' attention.


Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts refer to content that is created and pushed into more news feeds of your audience or clients. This is one of the best ways of directing more people to your website. By sharing blog content on social media and then boosting it or turning the post into a paid ad, you will be able to reach a wider and specific audience.    


Influencer Marketing

An influencer is someone who has specialized knowledge, authority or insight into a certain field, product, or service and can sway the purchasing decisions of others. Influencer marketing is leveraging an influencer's reach who has garnered a large following in a specific market to endorse your product or co-create content. By using an influencer, you make your target audience feel connected with your product and the influencer. The influencer you work with can be a blogger or a popular social media personality. Remember to choose someone who has more connection with your brand, like an influencer in your industry or sector. They will generate more awareness and bring you closer to your goals.


User-Generated Content

User-generated content also known as user-created content, includes text, audio, image, and videos posted by consumers and users about your product or service. Whenever your followers share a post/tweet related to your product/service, it will help create a larger conversion online. For instance, when a user shares a post holding or using a product and includes a hashtag related to your brand, they help you reach more people. A conversation will be created around the hashtag and can go viral. Especially if it is a challenge.  


Content Repurposing/Recycling

Content repurposing also known as content recycling, is the process of reusing every element of your already existing content to help expand its reach. Recycling can be done by taking pieces or segments of a blog post content and then turning them to a different type of content like, a quote, tweet, video, or meme. That content is more fit for sharing on social media. It has the ability to get more attention, meaning it will draw more people to the website using the CTA with a link to website.


If you have a great amplification strategy, your content marketing will be more resourceful. Campaign180 digital marketing services.


Which other amplification methods do you use?



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