Every business needs to use at least one keyword search tool. According to Patel (2020), keyword is online marketing's blueprint and helps drive every decision being made. This because without knowledge of keywords, you cannot drive traffic, return on investment, or sales.

Google Keyword Planner

The keyword planner is a free to use tool that was created as a tool to assist advertisers in choosing keywords for their PPC campaigns. The tool help advertisers gain insight into how often some words are searched for by customers and also gives an account of how the search has evolved.

It is important to discover all the phrases and words related to a product before starting marketing. Through the key word planner, advertisers also get bid estimates for the keywords to help determine marketing budget.

The tool comes with the Google words account. Being a Google product, you can be sure that the information provided will be beneficial especially for someone generating keywords for Google Adwords PPC campaign.  


Bulk Keyword Generator

The keyword tools have been generated to serve different types of businesses. Bulk Keyword generator is best suited for small businesses or local service companies. It has been developed with the local business person in mind, and all they can search for is local keywords.

The tool is very easy to operate. You just need to choose business type, check in the boxes for service types and then add location.


Ubersuggest is a free to use tool that can give you the required information to run successful campaigns. By using Ubersuggest you sure will get more than Google keyword Planner is giving you. So all keywords you cannot get from Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest will provide them for you. Using this tool, you can generate keywords for image, web, news, YouTube, and shopping.


Google Correlate

It is always good to gain insight from the source. Any of Google’s tool is highly beneficial when it comes to making informed marketing decisions. Google correlate is very important although it is not used much. The tool helps by giving you not just one keyword but words that are usually searched together.

For instance, an individual looking for fitness information will search home workouts or diet plan. But that’s not all, the person is mostly likely to add other phrases like diet to lose weight, workout routine, how to lose weight, or workout plan. Google correlate helps you with that.

Seed Keywords

Seed keywords is a crowdsourced keyword search tool. The tool uses a different approach that instead of using an algorithm to determine what people are typing into search engines, it sends a survey to your contacts.

Through the surveys, you get a more concrete answer to your marketing query.


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