Did you know you can run adverts on Reddit? Probably we should start by defining Reddit. Reddit is a community and discussions based platform with unending conversations. Users post, vote, and comment in communities organized based on their interests. Content view on the platform has supposed 30 billion. There are 130K active communities you can join and discuss your favorite topics. This makes the site a perfect place to sell your brand. So many people have not realized the potential of this social media platform and could be missing on those few sales to reach their target.  

Reddit adverts, commonly known as promoted posts, closely resemble regular posts sent by users on the platform. The only difference is that Reddit adds a light blue background and the ‘promoted’ mark. Reddit advertising is your best chance of reaching influential communities made up of people engaging with modern-day relevant content.

Why Choose Reddit for Your Advertising?

The reason you should choose Reddit for your advertising is that the platform is a cohesive community, unlike other social platforms. Reaching your audience is made easier since you get to promote your product in a community. Reddit has a diversified user base, and with the option to decide on your preferred target audience from a whole network, your campaign’s success chances increase. The platform can drive traffic in ways you never imagined.  

Other than just promoting your brand to a targeted audience, Reddit gives you a centralized dashboard where you can see your campaign metrics.  

People who hate random adverts will love Reddit advertising. Different from the advertising on other platforms, Brands are required first to devote some time and effort engaging in the communities. The communities are cautious of adverts targeted to them. Thus, as a brand, you are advised to join communities to engage, learn how conversations go, what people love, and then, only then can they be able to run relevant ads. By consistently sharing relevant content on the communities, your brands easily earn trust among the Redditors and subredditors, and when it’s time to run a campaign, it becomes much easier for the brand to be recognized. The campaign has more chances of performing well.

How to Advertise on Reddit

There two main advertising options on Reddit depending on your budget. They are managed and self-service advertising. The difference is that the exposure you get and the functionality of each option is unique.

Managed advertising

Managed advertising should be the best choice for a large-scale advertiser. What makes it unique it that it has

  • Customized ad programs (banner ads)
  • More detailed traffic reports
  • Campaign planning
  • Setup
  • Tracking
  • Option to buy mobile ads
  • Dedicated account manager

The managed advertising option should cost you $30k quarterly.

Self-Serve advertising

This option is more popular for Redditors. The Self-Serve option offers users the ability to create promoted posts and access to basic traffic reports. There are two types of Self-Serve advertising, including link ads and text ads.  

Self-Serve ads start as low as $5, making it more popular than the managed advertising.

Link ads: this option includes external links on content, making it very useful in driving traffic to your website and Reddit post-click landing page. With just powerful title and convincing 300 characters or less, you are good to go.  

Text ads: Best in driving conversation and engagement with Redditors. This option tends to have more engagement as it can get up to 3 times as many comments than link ads. The text ad is longer than a link ad, and instead of just one external link, it gives you an option to add multiple external links on the content.


Types of Ads on Reddit that you didn’t know about

Category takeover

Your ad becomes the first to be seen in the top communities from your category. The takeover takes place for 24 hours.

Frontpage takeover

An ad in this category makes your brand first and top post seen by users upon visiting Home or Popular pages. The ad becomes top on most visited page. Also, the takeover takes place for 24 hours.

Trending takeover

Here, your ad appears top of the ‘Trending Today” list. The post will remain available as the top post for 24 hours.

Reddit takeover

Among the different ads, this is the one with the widest-reaching. In case your ad is in this category, you post will easily be visible to anyone visiting Home and Popular pages. The post will also easily appear on search for 24 hours.  


Running an ad on Reddit could be just what you are missing. You can easily increase your reach and conversions; you just need to know how the platforms operate.