Creating an Effective B2B Social Media Marketing Funnel

Having an active social media account is one thing, and getting your B2B social posts to convert is another. We have generated some tips to help you understand social media tactics and how to create an effective B2B social media marketing funnel.

Smarty (2020) explains a conversion funnel as a process of converting an individual from a stranger to buyer, from becoming aware of your brand to understanding the value you provide and making a purchase.

Please get to know the process your clients go through; from the time they first see your business on social media to the time they purchase a product or service. The list will help you grow a following and turn them into loyal customers.


This is where you get your brand out there that your target audience may be aware of your brand. Determine your target audience problems and offer a solution to the problem. Your product or service should be able to provide a solution to the target audience's problems.

This step is essential in creating an effective B2B social media marketing funnel. So, you can achieve it by trying to offer support for consumers and make sure to show your brands value that they may gain interest in your brand.

Examples of things you can do include informative use paid social media ads for targeting your audience, write blog posts that answer all necessary questions, share tutorial videos, and start contests like sharing our post to win.  


Since your audience is already aware of your brand’s existence, now they will be looking for more information to convince them that your brand will provide all they need. This step is also effortless, especially if you have been in business for some time. You can offer case studies on how your brand helped other companies.

You can share customer reviews via your social media pages. For an effective B2B social media marketing, you can also share videos with testimonials on how your product or service helped another business. Lastly, you need to give the audience a platform to ask questions they have.


By now, the audience has begun trusting you, and all you need to do is have them convert. You have reached the stage to concentrate on selling now. Its now time to give those enticing offers. Give coupon codes, offer discounted prices for first-time customers, provide a free gift with certain items purchase, and provide free shipping.


After conversion, you get customers, and to keep them, you need them always engaged. This is to ensure your brand stays on the customer's mind always. Ensure engagement by consistently sharing useful content via social media. Make sure to share content on your pages at least once a week on specific days.

It helps a lot in building a successful B2B social media marketing funnel. The chosen days are much better if it is the time when your audience is most active online. Give the customers value, and they will keep coming back. You can also take advantage of hashtags for increased engagement.



This is the last stage of your B2B social media marketing funnel. At this point, your customers know whether your product works or not. Those who have an impressive experience with your content are most likely going to recommend you to others. Some will do it voluntarily, and for others, you might need to provide some incentives. Offer discounts or coupons to those who convince their peers to make a purchase.  


You can also create a page or group on social where your customers can interact with you and the others. The community will keep everyone together, and any new audience will get the information they need about your product much easier.


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