Benefits of Livestreams

Livestreams are meant to discuss major issues in society, and host live events, breaking news, sports, and politics etc. There are a number of reasons why brands and businesses need to hold live streams:

  • Visual content is 40 times more likely to get shared on social media.
  • Since 2012, mobile video viewing has grown by more than 1,000% (Krings, 2020).
  • Streaming content has grown significantly high and is almost overtaking traditional Tv.
  • Having an embedded video on your page makes it 50 times easier to achieve a first page Google search ranking.
  • Also, emails that link to video have a 200-300% higher click-through rate (Ahmad, 2016).

How to Grow Your Views on Livestreams

So, how can you grow the viewership of your live streams?

#1 Spread the word about your broadcast prior.

This is done to generate some excitement before the live stream. You spread the word via the account you will host the broadcast and other platforms as well, and blogs as well. Consider using an email sequence every time you do this. Send notification emails and encourage your audience to pre-register to stay updated. Pre-registers are very helpful in capturing leads. While spreading the word, use a hashtag to help with social listening, tracking any social media conversations around the event. You can also engage in conversations.  

#2 Use a compelling title and description for your live stream/broadcast.

Titles and descriptions play the role of enticing people to click on your video. So, the title you choose should iterate exactly what viewers should expect. This can be done when you are spreading the word via email. The title should be only 60 characters. Send different titles to different people in your email list and see which one generates more viewer clicks.  

Your video description shares more info and could go up to 500 words. The description role is to help search engines index what your Over-The-Top OTT video is about. Your descriptions should include a call-to-action, link to your website, and links to your social media channel.  

#3 Tease your content.

Just like they do on TV’s you can tease your broadcast/live stream using snippets. Always indicate the live stream’s date and time. They can be in the form of GIFs, tweets, blog posts, or short clips. Only use tweetable, valuable, engaging, and bite-sized. You need to have such content as it increases the chances of being shared.

#4 Offer rewards to your viewers.

Here, you are trying to offer something of value to the followers. Rewards can be in the form of giveaways, raffles, discounts, coupons, mentions, tips, and first to receive emails.  

#5 Lengthen your live stream.

Live streams help you gain more engagement in the form of likes, retweets, and comments. You will be able to gather more information and more conversations with your target audience. Views on live streams count every time someone logs on to live stream regardless of their time watching. So, doing an extended live stream is essential. Run things slowly, start with general content, and address the hot topics later.  

#6 Promote your live streams across multiple platforms.

Ensure to remind all your audience that you are holding a live stream. During the lead-up to the live stream, distribute the URL to the stream across multiple platforms. For instance, you can share the link on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. Include teasers in the link or the description you created. Share your live video in Facebook Groups. They contain users with a particular affiliation or share an interest in a specific topic.

#7 Ensure to have a strong internet connection.

Test your upload speed to ensure you have consistent upload bandwidth, or your live stream may not be viewable.

#8 Use a good platform for streaming.

Opt for a professional live video streaming platform without downsides.

#9 Respond to comments live (if possible).

Interacting with your viewers via comments helps boost engagement with your audience and keeps them coming back to your show for more. Respond to comments live if possible, and if you can’t, do so immediately following the show.

#10 Have backup equipment available.

Be prepared. Equipment may pose a small risk of failure. So, play it safe and keep backups of your kit whenever possible.

#11 Look at the camera – not the monitor!

Do not stare at the monitor for long, and always ensure the camera is above your eyelines.

#12 Have someone monitor your stream (if possible).

An extra set of eyes on your live stream is significant. They help provide support and notifies you of any problems with the stream.

#13 Live stream to more than one platform e.g., YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Live streaming to multiple platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook Live, is an excellent way to reach more viewers.

#14 Be consistent!

Do not keep changing your time, go live at a regular time. By being consistent you will easily build a following.

#15 Add an extra host or guest.

An extra person on a Livestream offers fresh insights and perspectives to make your live show more interesting. Choose someone with a say in the community, either online or offline.

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