Pinterest is one of the top social media platforms, with 335 million MAU. Pinterest is best known for its collection of amazing images and videos. There is no way to earn directly from Pinterest, but some people are using the platform to get paid. You can leverage the pins into sales opportunities by adding URL links to your shop or website. This tactic helps drive traffic to your website.

To get more sales, you must add high-quality images and ensure they are in the recommended ratio (2:3, 1000 * 1500 pixels). This helps by drawing the attention of the target audience. You can also run ads, regular pins that you pay to be placed where people are most likely to see them. Pinterest help you by ensuring that your pins are displayed in your desired audience’s home feed, category feeds, and relevant search results. Below are 5 ways through which you can make money on Pinterest.  

1- Create Pins with a link to your shop or website.

Remember always to add eye-catching images on your Pinterest. Then, include a link on these images that directs your target audience to your shop. You can take the direction to the image purchase page or to your website where they can navigate around to see various products. You should try and make it as easy as possible to take your audience directly to purchasing.  

2- Best SEO practices.  

Start by doing a keyword search to determine the best keywords to use. By adding the right keywords that describe or define it on the description of your pin, you help your target audience find it much easier. Ensure to also have the keyword on your profile and URL as well.

It will help with google ranking. You can also use pins to promote your products by making sure they are of high quality and has affiliate links included. Pinterest allows its users to share/repin your pin. Every time a user repins your product, they are sharing the affiliate link making it available to a new audience on their list.  

3- Schedule post your pins.

Rather than sharing all your pins at once, add new pins one by one. This tactic helps you reach a wider audience on Pinterest. You can benefit from post scheduling tools like C180 Dashboard, which allows you to add your posts prior and share them with your audience at specific days and hours.

4- Ensure you have a business account.

By signing up for a business account, you gain access to advertising and marketing options regular accounts don’t have. You can then advertise your pins to your desired audience. This gives you a chance to get new followers or more sales.  

5- Create your own media kit.

A media kit refers to a document that shows your statistics on your followers and engagement, and also showcases your brand and its value. The media kit can also have prices of specific advertising opportunities. Once you have prepared your kit, make sure it is available in pdf format either on a blog or website. It makes it easy to get secure partnerships.  


Always, keep up to date with Pinterest’s affiliate links rules and regulations. It’s crucial that you remain updated with Pinterest’s changes in rules and regulations. There are times that pin links may become too spammy, and Pinterest might decide to remove them. Keep updated and sell more.