Best Social Media Management Tools In 2020


Hootsuite is an all-in-one platform for social media management. Hootsuite helps you in management of multiple platforms by bringing them into one page/dashboard. Through the dashboard you can see comments and mentions from any of the added platform.

As well, Hoots have the ability to schedule social media updates, assign tasks, work in teams and plot a calendar. Simply put, you can manage your posting schedules, track your performance with provided analytics, and add multiple social media platforms.  


Buffer is a software application designed to manage accounts in social platforms by offering a means to perform various tasks such as schedule social media posts, analyze performance, and engage with a community. With Buffer, you can access your analytics in real-time, which makes it a better tool than most other platforms.

According to Olenski (2018), Buffer boasts many powerful tools such as group collaboration, photo editing, and detailed data analytics about social media engagement.

3.Zoho Social

Zoho Social is powerful tool for social media management tool for agencies and businesses. Their aim is to help you manage and grow your presence on social media. Zoho Social will also help you with better management of your organization and offer you multiple integrations.  

4.Sprout Social   

Sprout Social gives its users a one stop shop to manage and schedule social media accounts all in one platform. This tool helps your business form real connections with their customers and fans by providing an easy access to all social media. It is ideal for individual account entrepreneurs, corporations, small businesses, and full-service and niche agencies.


Hubspot offers clients a full platform of marketing, CRM software, customer service, and sales among others. Their tools help you in social media marketing, web analytics, search engine optimization, content management, customer support, and landing pages.

The tool also has a number of resourceful integrations to help grow your businesses including, Microsoft Dynamics, and NetSuite among others.  


Buzzsumo is a powerful online tool that gives you the ability to quickly discover content ideas and uncover platform insights. The tool allows you to be on the know of what content is popular by topic. As well you learn about influencer, like who among them is most passionate. It can be quite resourceful when planning for a social media marketing campaign.


Humans are visual beings, which is the reason visual content on social media will outperform text content. Biteable is dedicated to providing users with a means to easily create engaging, informative, and fun short videos for social media. The tool comes in handy while running campaigns on social media.



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