Where is Coral Springs Located?

Coral Springs or City of Coral Springs is a city in BrowardCounty, Florida. In 2019, Coral Springs had a total population of 133,759. The City of Coral Springs has a council-manager form of government. In this form of government, the City Commission serves as the board of directors and the City manager as chief executive officer, with input from residents and businesses.The City of Coral Springs is home to the first MacDonald's, hamburger restaurant built without its trademark golden arches due to the strict city sign laws (Bradbery, 1994). The absence of the golden arches on the building made the building famous and it has been used on Television quiz show Jeopardy! and in the board game Trivial Pursuit. The current location of the MacDonald's used to be a swampland until 1947 when Henry Lyons bought 20,000 acres of land and turned it into a bean farm and cattle ranch.

Coral Springs History

Post WW II, a real estate company, Coral Ridge Properties owned by James S. Hunt and Joe Taravella purchased 3,860 acres of the 20,000 acres of bean farm and cattle ranch owned by Lyon, in a historic firstland purchase of $1M in the area. The land was turned into what now we know as the City of Coral Springs. On July 22nd,1964, the landmark covered bridge was built as a means to promote the city. By the time the city was chartered in 1965, it had a total of 50,000 residents.

Coral Ridge Properties joined the Lyons land clusters with the Remsberg Ranch purchase of 3,000 acres for $9M. In July 1966, Coral Ridge Properties was bought by Westinghouse for $36 million. Westinghouse is associated with bringing modern style innovation to the town.

In 1996, the city saw the rise of one of the most amazing projects, the Coral Springs Museum of Art including a total 30,000 square foot performance theatre and art museum. In 1997, the Coral Springs Museum of art was incorporated with an aim of breaking the stigma off museum and ignite education by incorporating diverse cultural exhibits both indoors and outdoors. Since then, the city has experienced tremendous growth with lots of beautiful residential houses, a regional mall (Coral Square Mall), and shopping centers. Currently, there are about 19 public schools in the city. Coral Square Mall with a total 120 stores and 945,000 square foot retail space.

Why Visit Coral Springs?

For those wishing to have fun in the City of Coral Springs, there are lots of outdoor play areas and indoor play centers. And for those seeking a quiet time in nature, the city has numerous natural habitat parks that are well maintained and secure. The city has about 50 municipal parks, water parks, and skate parks. You can also visit the Coral Springs performance theatre and art museum, which has a 1,471-seat capacity and features popular Broadway shows and guests like Peppa Pig Live, Four Tops, The Wizard of Oz, Tarzan, and Dance with me in Coral Springs. The key features or major landmarks in Coral Springs, FL, include:

  • Coral Springs Museum of Art.
  • Coral Springs Covered Bridge.
  • American Snuff Company.
  • Jaycees Clubhouse.

Public figures or famous people in Coral Springs include:

  • Dan Morgan, NFL football player.
  • Todd Weiner, NFL football player.
  • Darius Butler, NFL football player.
  • Steve Hutchinson, NFL football player.
  • Cody Brown, NFL football players.
  • Sam Young, NFL football players.
  • Anthony Rizzo, Major League Baseball player.
  • Misty May, Treanor Beach volleyball gold medalist.
  • Greg Cipes, Voice Actor.
  • Jackie Sandler, Movie Actress.
  • Chad Gilbert, Guitarist.
  • Vicky Palacio, Instagram Star.
  • Lexi Thompson, Golfer.
  • Cristina Capron, Fitness Instructor.
  • Morgan Haley, Twitch Star.
  • Michelle Dalton, Instagram Star.

In 2007, One Charter Place was built on a 3.8-acre near charter school, at the Southeast corner of Sample Road and University Drive (Bandell, 2018). One Charter Place has, 90,000 leasable office, retail, and restaurant space, and a 489-space parking garage. You can lease at One Charter Place for $20 per square foot.

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