Social Media Usage Guidelines

Who is this guideline for?

This guide is for all people who want to use Facebook’s, Instagram's, Twitter's, and YouTube's brand property in their marketing or advertising and quickly cover hints for the assets authorized for use.


General Do's and don'ts  
Facebook Do's  

Do: comply with suggestions found in this information and from the Facebook Brand Resource Center as well as Facebook terms and policies.

Do: preserve the adequate area around Facebook’s manufacturer assets so they appear smooth and uncluttered.

Do: preserve the structure and share of each of Facebook’s manufacturer assets and reproduce property at a legible size.

Do request manufacturer permissions through our Brand Permissions Request Form when the usage of Facebook belongings in television broadcast or film.  

Facebook Don’ts  

Don’t assert rights over the Facebook manufacturer whether by trademark registration, area title registration, or anything else.  

Don’t regulate Facebook company property in any way, such as by altering the format or color.

Don’t use:

• Trademarks, names, area names, emblems, or other content that imitates or could be pressured with Facebook

• Any icons, pix or trademarks to represent Facebook different than what is observed on this resource center

• Any mixture of any part of the Facebook brand with your name, marks, or ordinary terms

Don’t characterize Facebook brand in a way that:

• Implies partnership, sponsorship, or endorsement

• Makes it the most different or outstanding function of what you’re creating

• Features Facebook on materials related to pornography, unlawful activities, or other substances that violate the Facebook Terms

Don’t function Facebook belongings on materials associated with pornography, illegal activities, or different substances that violate the Facebook Terms.

Talking about Facebook  

Sometimes you may need to refer to Facebook to discuss it, describe your presence on Facebook, display your Facebook net address, indicate that your product is integrated with Facebook, or describe your products or services as they relate to Facebook.



- Do display the phrase “Facebook” in the equal font dimension and style as the content material surrounding it

- Do capitalize the word “Facebook,” except when it’s part of a web address



- Don’t pluralize the Facebook trademark, use it as a verb or abbreviate it

- Don’t use the Facebook emblem in the vicinity of the word “Facebook


Facebook doesn’t allow or license its trademarks, logos, or different intellectual property for use on merchandise or other products such as clothing, hats, or mugs. In sure instances, you can use the “f” logo on product packaging, but you need to comply with the hints of use.

Requesting Permission

In order to use Facebook’s brand property in TV or film, review the common recommendations, and then request permission at To make requests, you need to sign up with your company’s email address or sign in with your personal Facebook account. Allow up to two weeks for evaluation and approvals.


Please make certain you have the following information readily accessible to procedure your request:


- The final model of commercial, film, or application showing how any Facebook manufacturer asset will be featured in your materials.


- The portion of the commercial, film, program that references Facebook: a screenshot of the last version.


- A unique synopsis of the commercial, film, program, or final script that references Facebook.


- Translations for any requests for non-English broadcasts.

The "f" logo  

The “f” Logo is one of the most globally recognized and loved assets of Facebook. It’s used to signify Facebook the product (website or cellular app). The principal use of the “f” Logo is to promote your organization's presence on Facebook. For example, when you say, “Find us on Facebook” and link to your Facebook Page, it’s suitable to use the “f” Logo. The “f” Logo can also be used side-by-side with other social media logos.

Clear Space

To keep the integrity of the “f” Logo, constantly keep a minimum clear space around the logo. This clear space insulates our “f” Logo from distracting visible elements, such as different logos, copy, illustrations, or photography.

Maintaining Shape and Proportions  

To ensure the correct and consistent use, by no means alter, rotate, beautify, or strive to recreate the “f” Logo. The proportions and shape of the “f” Logo ought to never be altered for any reason. To resize, maintain the “Shift” key in most software packages to maintain the proportions while scaling up or down. Always keep the minimum clear space, even when proportionally scaling the logo.


Be certain that the “f” Logo is reproduced in a legible measurement and that they do not appear subordinate to any other companion logos protected on the innovative executions. Similarly, do not present the “f” Logo in a way that makes it the most one of a kind or prominent feature of what you’re creating.


Do not alter the logos in any way, such as altering the layout or color. The correct color versions to use are the blue or reversed-out to white. If you are unable to use the right color due to technical limitations, you may additionally revert to black and white.



Anyone using Instagram’s property must only use the logos and screenshots determined on our Brand Resources website and comply with these guidelines. Only those planning to use Instagram’s property in any broadcast, radio, out-of-home marketing, or print larger than 8.5 x 11 inches (A4 size) need to request permission. Requests have to be in English and include a mock of how you’re planning to use the Instagram logo.

Balance The Instagram Brand with Your Brand  

Avoid representing the Instagram manufacturer in a way that:

- Makes the Instagram brand the most unique or outstanding feature.

- Implies partnership, sponsorship, or endorsement.

- Puts the company in a bad context as part of a script or storyline. You have to comply with our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines.

Keep the word Instagram consistent  

- Keep the letter "I" in Instagram capitalized and in equal font dimension and style as the content surrounding it.

- If you provide an app, website, or a product or service that makes use of the Instagram APIs or is in any other case compatible with or associated with Instagram, you can also only use Instagram to say that your app is "for Instagram" or that the name of your marketing campaign is "on Instagram" in a descriptive manner.  

- Don’t modify, abbreviate, or translate the word Instagram to a specific language or through the usage of non-English characters, or use any of our trademarks to change it.

- Don’t mix “Insta” or “gram” with your own brand.

- Don’t mix any part of the Instagram manufacturer with an agency name, other trademarks, or conventional terms.


Distance Instagram from other social networks  

Instagram may be cited in a tv commercial with Facebook or different Facebook companies. Don’t mention different social networks in the same spot as Instagram and/or Facebook, except it’s a general “Follow us on...” call to action. If you create a hashtag that makes use of the word Insta or gram, it mustn't be used on different social networks and you shouldn't strive to gather or put into effect rights over that hashtag.

Tv & film  

The most vital component when the use of Instagram in broadcast media is to supply the members of our community desirable attribution for their content.

Live Events & Daily Programs  

If you intend to share Instagram comments or content at some point in a stay tournament or everyday program, like a newscast, everyday interview show, or wearing event, download a broadcast template for Instagram content. You won’t need to follow an approval process, however, you will want to agree to the phrases of use and tell us how you plan to use the broadcast template. Be positive to use the vector documents as shown and to constantly have written approval from the Instagram consumer before sharing their content.

Movies, commercials & shows  

Please follow our approval procedure if you’re planning to show off your presence on Instagram in a social media array or use screenshots of Instagram’s consumer interface (like the feed, a profile, or our filters) in a:

- Commercial

- TV or web series

- Weekly show

- Any video not part of a series

- Movie or film

All requests must be made in English, with an English translation of your script and/or text. Broadcast approval is a two-step process.

Step One

If you’re planning to use Instagram in a commercial, exhibit, or film, post the pertinent section of the script along with the Instagram asset mocked up as you’d like to use it. We may also ask to see your complete script if the user isn’t clear. For animation, submit your script, digital storyboards, and enterprise development paintings. Please only use the accredited assets. When you first put up your request, we have to get lower back to you within two to three weeks.

Step two  

Once your script and mock are accepted and you’ve finalized your creative, publish the near-final model of our asset in your film. For animation, add the last clip as soon as the animation is complete. Once you put up your finalized creative/revised creative, we have to get lower back to you inside two to three weeks. Remember that it may additionally take longer than two to three weeks to get approval. You might also want to revise your creative and resubmit your request if it doesn’t observe our guidelines. Approvals are now not remaining till you have it in writing.


The basics  

The Twitter logo is an effective symbol for what's happening in the world and what human beings are talking about right now. Here are some rules of the road when using Twitter's logo.  

• Only exhibit the brand on Twitter blue or white.  

• Don’t alter, rotate, or alter the logo.  

• Don’t animate the emblem or make it talk, chirp, or fly.

• Don’t encompass the brand with other birds or creatures.

• Don’t decorate the emblem with extra factors like speech bubbles.

• Don’t anthropomorphize the logo.  

• Don’t overemphasize the logo.

• Don’t use preceding variations of the logo.  

Using Twitter marks  

The Twitter marks include, but are not limited to, the Twitter name, Twitter logo, the term “Tweet” and any word, phrase, image, or other designation that identifies the source or origin of any Twitter product. Always capitalize the T in “Twitter,” as well as all noun and verb versions of “Tweet” and “Retweet.”

Naming and visual design (logos, websites, products)  

Never use Twitter logos or icons as your own. Please don’t include Twitter’s marks, in whole or in part, in the title of your company, product, service, website, domain name, application, or website.


A product branded with the Twitter name or logo is a reflection of Twitter. Unless the Twitter logo is locked up with a hashtag or username or you’re making the use of it with other social media icons, we don’t allow others to make, sell, or give away anything with our name or logo on it.

Books or publications (education, instructional, guides, conferences)  

Remember to constantly be clear that it’s about Twitter, not by Twitter. Please identify your books and publications something unique, and do not include Twitter’s marks (Twitter, Tweet, Retweet, and Twitter logo) in the title or cover.

Publishing Twitter Content  

If you are looking to embed Twitter content, check out For custom Tweet renderings, please comply with Twitter display requirements at

Twitter Trademark Guidelines  

By using the Twitter trademarks in these Brand Guidelines, you agree to follow these Twitter Trademark Guidelines (the “Guidelines”) as nicely as our Terms of Service and all different Twitter guidelines and policies. Twitter Inc. (“Twitter”) reserves the right to cancel, modify, or alternate this coverage at any time at its sole discretion besides notice. These Guidelines apply to your use of Twitter trademarks. You might also use the Twitter trademarks solely for the purposes expressly authorized through Twitter. Strict compliance with these Guidelines is required at all times, and any use of the Twitter emblems in violation of these Guidelines will automatically terminate any license related to your use of the Twitter trademarks.

1 You may not alter the Twitter trademarks in any manner, including, however not limited to, altering the proportion, shade or the shape of the Twitter trademarks or adding or putting off any factors from the Twitter Trademarks.

2 The Twitter trademarks must appear by themselves, with sensible spacing between each side of the marks and different visual, graphic or textual elements.

3 The Twitter emblems not be positioned in any way that that interferes with the readability or show of the entirety of the Twitter trademarks.

4 You may no longer use the Twitter trademarks in any manner that implies sponsorship or  endorsement with the aid of Twitter barring an express written permission and license from Twitter.

5 You might also not use the Twitter trademarks to disparage Twitter, its products or services, or in a manner which, in Twitter’s sole discretion, may minimize or tarnish Twitter’s goodwill in the Twitter trademarks.

6 You may not use the Twitter trademarks to refer to any different product or provider other than Twitter. The TWEET and RETWEET marks must solely be used to reference Twitter’s Tweet and Retweet products.

7 When growing a product, app, website, or other providers that uses or interacts with Twitter, use a special name, logo and layout that can't be confused with Twitter trademarks. You ought to not apply for any trademarks or domains that include the Twitter logos or any other confusingly similar variations.

8 You must show the following statement in substances that show the Twitter trademarks: “TWITTER, TWEET, RETWEET and the Twitter emblem are trademarks of Twitter, Inc. or its affiliates.”

9 You acknowledge that all rights to the Twitter logos are the distinct property of Twitter, and all goodwill generated through your use of the Twitter emblems will inure to the sole gain of Twitter. You will not take any action that is in fighting with Twitter’s rights in, or ownership of, the Twitter trademarks.

Twitter reserves the rights, exercisable at its sole discretion, to adjust these Guidelines, the Brand Guidelines, and/or the Twitter trademarks at any time and to take suitable action against any unauthorized or nonconforming use of Twitter trademarks. If you have any questions about these Guidelines, please contact


Clear space and minimum size  

When you’re making the use of the logo with other image elements, make sure you provide it some room to breathe. The empty area around the emblem should be at least 150% of the width of the logo. To ensure the emblem maintains its visual impact, do now not go any smaller than 16 pixels wide.


The Twitter logo is always both blue or white. It should be legible and maintain the integrity of its form. When placing the emblem on an image, always use the white logo version. For photographs with a mild background, we suggest applying a 10-20% black tint to the entire picture to maintain legibility of the white logo. And by no means show the Twitter emblem in black or any other colors. Okay, we do have one exception: some boundaries with color printing may apply. This is the only time the emblem is permitted to be displayed in black with prior permission from Twitter.

Logo pairings  

The important purpose we use the logo pairing lockup is to point out that an account or hashtag is on Twitter. When pairing a username or hashtag with the Twitter logo, make certain our logo is in blue or white. Observe our clear house rules, and scale the text to one hundred percent of the height of the logo. Feel free to use a typeface this is from your brand's plan system. Check out our brand pairing lockup templates at

Social icons  

Start Paraphrasing When using the logo alongside other social icons to characterize your presence on Twitter, you can use the logo in either blue or white, displayed at equal size and height to the other social media icons. When making use of the logo in white, the background-color may also be set in any color. It is preferred that our logo is represented free of a container however if a container works high-quality for your needs, experience free to use either a circle, square, or square with rounded corners. Download social icons at


Partners and Advertisers  

You want to promote your YouTube channel or content and we are here to help. You're welcome to use the YouTube name, logo, and icon as lengthy as you adhere to the logo and icon utilization guidelines, as well as these observed below.

YouTube Do's  

- Get every use of any YouTube brand element accredited by using YouTube

- Follow all tips for the YouTube brand

- Avoid repetitive use of the YouTube emblem in channel art

- Ensure that logos in use are up to date

- Use the YouTube icon within a social icon lineup

- Use the widespread logo to promote your channel or content material when linking or riding site visitors to your channel

YouTube Don'ts  

- Use logos or brand elements to force to sites backyard of YouTube

- Modify logos, icons, or other company factors in any way, together with however not restrained to altering proportions, positions, stretching, condensing, altering color or typefaces, flipping or rotating, or adding effects

- Place the full-color brand on purple (due to lack of visibility)

- Partially cowl the brand or icon

- Place a photograph within the brand or icon

Entertainment and Media  

To show the YouTube brand in any media (videos, TV shows, movies, newspapers, etc.), please study these guidelines.

Brand use approval  

If you are in the entertainment and media industry, all product placements that show the YouTube logos, icons, or elements of the UI (e.g. buttons, pages, cellular screenshots, etc.) in any media (e.g. TV, tune videos, movies, books, etc.) need to be authorized through YouTube. Please adhere to the logo utilization tips as properly as those discovered below, then put up your request in English via the Brand Use Request Form. If the product placement will be seen by a large audience, then you may also need to signal Google Inc. launch forms.

Important: If you’re section of the press, you don’t need to publish a request for review through the Brand Use Request Form. Please examine Using the YouTube Logo. After that, you’re welcome to download the YouTube Logo or Icon for use.

Before submitting your product placements request, please ensure the following  

1 The product placement reflects YouTube in an advantageous or impartial way.

2 Any video content material developed in particular for the product placement does not violate YouTube's Community Guidelines and would no longer violate YouTube's Terms of Use.

3 You can provide an adequate context for the placement to be submitted with your request. You need to submit one PDF file along with jeer of the YouTube emblem and/or YouTube interface in context, as properly as applicable script pages, an overview of the production, the manufacturing corporation name, the production title, and any different details such as actor(s), director, etc., which will assist us to understand how YouTube will be represented in the production.

Third-party approvals  

YouTube does not own the rights to third-party content on the site. If your product placement indicates a user's or a partner's content, you are accountable for clearing the use of the content material with the content material owner(s). YouTube does not negotiate permissions on behalf of our partners. You need to contact the image or video owner directly to invulnerable suitable permissions.

By importing to YouTube, your assurance that you have the indispensable rights to upload. YouTube reserves the right to take away any content from the web page that may also violate its Terms of Use or Community Guidelines.

Once you have all of your statistics and materials, submit a manufacturer use request in English for overview thru the Brand Use Request Form. Please enable up to a week for a reply. For non-English requests, please reach out to your YouTube Partnerships counterpart. YouTube reserves the proper to object to any inappropriate uses of its trademarks and to implement its rights at any time.

Using the YouTube Logo

Clear space  

Clear area buffers the brand from images, textual content, or different pics that compromise its impact on and visibility. The more respiration room that you give our logo, the increased the impact it can have. The amount of clear space around the brand should be equal to or greater than the top of the icon.


We've optimized our logo for specific sizes. Our logo needs to be crystal clear and legible, whether it appears on a smartphone or an arena's jumbo screen.

What not to do with the logo  

The YouTube logo is a symbol people recognize, so it by no means can be altered.

Here are a few examples of what not to do with the YouTube logo.

 - Change the spacing between the icon and the word \'YouTube\' or its letters

 - Use any colorations other than red, almost black or white

 - Choose a distinctive typeface for \'YouTube\'

 - Add visual outcomes like a drop shadow

 - Change or exchange the word \'YouTube\' in any way

 - Change the shape of the logo

 - Use the emblem in a phrase or sentence

Using the logo on solid backgrounds  

These examples exhibit the correct utility of the YouTube logo on distinct solid backgrounds. The almost-black full-color logo should be used on the background this is lighter than 40% grey. The white full-color logo is used on the background this is darker than 50% grey.

Full-color logo  

There are two variations of the full-color logo, nearly black and white – however, the triangle in the icon ought to always be white.

- Use the almost-black full-color logo on a mild background.

- Use the white full-color logo on a dark background.

Monochrome logo  

If a background color makes the full-color logo difficult to see, you should use a monochrome logo instead.

- The almost-black (#282828) monochrome logo includes a white triangle in the icon. It is used on light multi-colored images.

- The white (#FFFFFF) monochrome logo has a no-fill triangle. It should be used on darkish multi-colored images.

Using the YouTube icon

The icon  

The icon is a bendy mark that works as a call to action and a shorter version of the logo. If you do not have sufficient room to use the logo at 24 dp with the correct amount of safe space, you should use the YouTube icon instead.

Clear space  

Clear space buffers the logo icon from images, text, or different images that compromise its influence and visibility. The extra breathing room that you provide the logo icon, the higher the influence it can have. The quantity of clear space around the logo icon needs to be equal to or greater than the top of the icon.


The logo icon is optimized for specific sizes. The logo icon needs to be crystal clear and legible, whether it appears on a smartphone or an arena's jumbo screen.

What not to do with the icon  

The YouTube icon should never be altered. Here are a few examples of what not to do with the icon

- Stretch the icon's form horizontally or vertically

- Change the triangle's angles or size

- Use colors other than red, almost black or white

- Rotate the icon

- Add any special effects

- Add a pattern or photo to the icon

- Replace the triangle with other shapes or icons

- Replace the triangle with words

- Choose a new structure for the rectangle

Using the icon in social media  

The YouTube icon can only be used in social media assets when it links to a YouTube channel.

Important: The only time a logo or icon can be made into a link is when the destination URL is a YouTube channel.

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