Using Linkedin for B2B Marketing

LinkedIn is currently the best platform for generating business to business B2B leads compared to other platforms. As the use of technology becomes more rampant, most B2Bs are using social media to get leads. Any social media platform can be used for generating leads, but you don’t have to settle just for any. You need to work with the best. Statistics show that 97% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as a channel to share promotional content (99 Firms, n.d.).


Optimize your Linkedin company page

The company page is like the face of your campaign on LinkedIn. The page is considered a major lead generator and needs a high-quality structure. While structuring your company page, you should do it as if you are generating a sales pitch, and it should be able to catch the visitor's attention, should be informational, and should have an occasional call to action CTA.


Create a showcase page

The showcase page was created with the intention of helping businesses promote individual brands that are extensions of the company. It is your best chance of segmenting your inbound LinkedIn traffic. It might seem complicated but it’s no different than creating a business unit focused on a specific target audience. Showcase pages give you the best opportunity to promote some of your products and services with the affiliate pages offered on the platform.


Use LinkedIn website demographics tool

LinkedIn is the best tool to use when you need to collect information that lets you know your audience better. The LinkedIn tool will help you with B2B marketing campaigns since it collects information about the audience that visits your website. LinkedIn gives you stats on your visitor’s behavior. This is crucial information when running ads on the platform.


Use the LinkedIn advanced search

The advanced search offered by LinkedIn can be used to find your prospects. By using the advanced people search option, you can quickly identify the type of people you are targeting in your campaigns. The good news is that the option to filter the audience and narrow down the search for prospects is available even to those without an advanced account.  


Share high-quality content

LinkedIn also offers a perfect plan to build relationships and trust between companies and their audiences through content. Your content on LinkedIn can be beneficial to your business if crafted right. You need to generate interesting content, has helpful tips, and one that gives your business authority and position as the leader in your industry. This can be easily achieved by keeping your updates brief yet informative, being consistent with content, and adding relevant media to improve visibility.

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By using LinkedIn, you can run native ads and reach a highly engaged audience. Because most of the connections on LinkedIn are professional, you get to target the right people with a native ad easily. With LinkedIn, you can be sure to drive awareness and meaningful leads in B2B marketing.


LinkedIn may not be significant in numbers but does offer lots of opportunities for businesses to make meaningful connections. It is an ideal resource for B2B marketing.

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