Twitter is a powerful platform for brands to connect with their customers, share their stories, and promote their products. But with over 368 million monthly active users, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd and reach your target audience.


That's why you need a smart Twitter scheduling strategy.


Twitter scheduling allows you to plan and publish your tweets in advance, so you can optimize your timing, consistency, and engagement. It also frees up your time and energy, so you can focus on other aspects of your business.


In this guide, we'll show you why Twitter scheduling is important for your brand and how you can do it effectively—using both Twitter's native tool and Sprout Social's advanced scheduler.

Benefits Of Scheduling Tweets

Scheduling tweets can bring many benefits for your brand, such as:


1. Improving organization and productivity

Scheduling tweets ahead of time helps you organize your Twitter content calendar and stay productive throughout the day. Instead of interrupting your workflow to tweet manually, you can dedicate a few hours each day or week to batch your content creation and scheduling. This way, you can keep your content organized and maintain your productivity.

2. Maintaining your posting schedule

Scheduling tweets also helps you establish and maintain a consistent posting schedule that aligns with your goals and campaigns. By planning out your tweets for the week or month ahead, you can avoid missing deadlines or forgetting to tweet at certain times. This way, you can publish your content regularly and reliably.

3. Ensuring consistent cross-platform messaging

If you want to share a similar message across all your social media platforms, scheduling tweets can simplify the process and ensure your cross-platform messaging is cohesive. This is especially useful if you manage multiple Twitter accounts or other social media channels. By using a social media scheduler, you can schedule your posts to go out at the same time across all platforms to maintain consistency.

4. Testing optimal send times

Scheduling tweets allows you to experiment with different times throughout the week to find out which ones work best for your audience. You might be surprised to discover when your audience is most active and responsive. You can use Sprout's research on the best time to post as a starting point, but it may vary depending on your industry or audience.

5. Targeting different time zones

Scheduling tweets also enables you to target audiences in specific locations. You can schedule your tweets to go out at the optimal times for different time zones. This improves your chances of reaching the right audience at the right time, no matter where they live. This goes back to finding the best time to tweet according to your audience and testing on social media.

How To Schedule Tweets on Twitter

Twitter has its own built-in scheduling tool that allows you to schedule one tweet at a time from the web app. Here's how to use it:


Step 1: Select the Tweet Composer

Go to and log in. Click inside the Tweet Composer to get ready to tweet.


Step 2: Write out your tweet

Compose your tweet up to 280 characters. You can add media (such as an image, video or GIF), a poll, an emoji or a location tag.

Pro Tip: If you include an image or GIF in your tweet, add a description to it for accessibility.


Step 3: Click schedule

Click the icon of a calendar with a clock in the bottom right corner—this is the scheduling option.


Step 4: Select your schedule date

Choose the date and time you want your tweet to go live. With Twitter's tool, you can schedule tweets up to 18 months in advance. Once you've selected the correct date and time, click Confirm in the top right corner.


Step 5: Click schedule

You'll see a small preview above the tweet confirming the date and time it will go live. Click Schedule to finish scheduling and add it to your queue of tweets.



Twitter scheduling is a smart strategy for brands that want to optimize their timing, consistency, and engagement on the platform. It can also help you improve your organization, productivity, and cross-platform messaging. Whether you use Twitter's native tool or Sprout Social's advanced scheduler, you can plan and publish your tweets in advance and reach your audience when they're most active. Start scheduling your tweets today and see the difference it makes for your brand!

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