Running Dynamic ads on Facebook

Dynamic Ads on Facebook seem to be same as the single image ads or the carousel ads, but there is more to it. Rather than creating an ad for every single item you are promoting dynamic ads allow you to create ad template that automatically uses images and details from your catalogue for items you are advertising.

It is also important to note that dynamic ads help you retarget people who have taken an action on your website or application. You can also use broad audience targeting to reach an audience that never visited your website before.

When you run the ads, only relevant products will be shown to people when they log into Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, or the Audience Network from your catalogue. Your target audience will only see relevant product recommendations so that they can take action from your ad.

Use of User-Generated Content

An ad with user-generated content receives more engagement compared to other ordinary ads. You might be wondering what user-generated content stands for? Any time a customer shares a product review in form of a text post, image, or even a video showing how your item has helped them, that is user generated content.

For instance, the before and after photos shared by clients are very helpful in gaining trust with your audience since it shows authenticity of your advert and value from your product.  

Use Images and Details

While preparing your ad you will need to prepare a catalogue for items you are advertising. Here, you will explain steps or processes guiding your target audience with multiple visuals, something you cannot do with default ads since they use a single image. For instance, you can guide your audience to taking an action such as:

  • Sign-up for a service or course
  • Join a competition

Share Location, Availability and Pricing

Dynamic ads give you an option to share more details about your business and product. Share more items, give your location, and price for the different products you are promoting. For instance, with you can create a catalogue for all of the items that you want to promote across Facebook, Instagram, the Audience Network and Messenger.

Use Salient Images in Your Catalogue

Default ads will not give you an option to add more than one image which makes it impossible to advertise your products especially if you sell more than just one item. With dynamic ads you can add more than one item on your catalogue meaning your different categories of the same product can all be featured on one ad on either Facebook, Instagram, the Audience Network and Messenger.

Offer Deals, Promos and Discounts

Rather than running multiple ads with multiple deals or promos, you can run a single ad with multiple deals. This you do by using the catalogue to add any content related to promos, deals and discounts. Some of your audience could be online looking for any item or service with an offer or discount and offering them more than one in a single ad is a perfect way to get them to take action. This is your chance to offer that discount code or a free trial for your products.

A First Insight study shed some light upon consumers love for discounts, that deals in retail sales such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday have desensitized customers to a point they are reluctant to pay full-price or even enter a shop without discounted prices (Lesonsky, 2017). So, you might need that offer to get to your target audience.


Dynamic ads on Facebook, Instagram, the Audience Network and Messenger offer you a platform not only for increasing your engagement with your target audience but also to drive more traffic to your website and increase conversions.



Lesonsky, R. (2017). 8 Ideas for offering the discounts retail customers demand.