What is Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is a messaging app developed by Facebook. It was launched in 2008 as a Facebook Chat. However, it was later designed to be a stand-alone website interface with separate messaging functionality from the main Facebook app. As of July 2021, Facebook Messenger registered an average of 1.3 billion monthly active users (Bulao, 2021). This platform allows sharing of different forms of messages such as text, images, Gifs, files and other types of multimedia.  

Types of Ads On Facebook Messenger

Ads that click to Messenger

This type of ads appear in the newsfeed of Facebook users. However, they contain CTA buttons that opens Messenger conversation.

Sponsored messages

This option allows the businesses owner to send sponsored messages to people who have already chatted with you on the Messenger account.  

Messenger stories ads

It contains full screen mobile displays appearing in the Messenger application. The ads are available on either Instagram stories ads or campaigns running on the Facebook newsfeed.  

Messenger inbox ads

This option is not available in some countries (France, Australia Canada and the USA). Countries that have access to this ad format will see the ads in the chat tab in the Facebook Messenger app.

4 Reasons Why You Should Start Facebook Messenger Campaign

  1. Reaching people on their most preferred medium of communication  
  2. Since Facebook Messenger is among the popular messaging apps in the world, many people would prefer using the application as a primary tool for communication. The business can position itself strategically to ensure it reaches its target market using this platform.  
  3. Messenger allows users to personalize ads. A business can design ads depending on the nature of products, budget and customer preferences. Other channels are limited to this option as they only broadcast their ads to the general audience without having control over individual preferences and tastes.  
  4. Facebook Messenger offer better local targeting options. This platform allows you to choose a specific local audience where you can achieve the most out of your ad campaign.  
  5. Messenger ads are effective conversation starters. Facebook Messenger users will be prompted by the CTA button to instantly message you with the goal of either making a purchase or inquiring for more information about the product.  

How To Set up Ads in Facebook Messenger

First, it is important to note that each type of Facebook Messenger ads has a specific procedure (Balasudarsun, Sathish & Gowtham, 2018). However, they do follow relatively similar steps. Everything starts at the Ad Creation Manager.

  1. Select your objective and click continue.
  2. Provide your campaign name and make other additional decisions provided in this section.  
  3. Choose Facebook Messenger based on the objective selected above.
  4. Provide your schedule, budget and define your audience.
  5. Choose manual or automatic placements to help you drive campaign results.
  6. Add your creative. This step varies depending on the type of ad selected.
  7. Click publish to finish the process.  

Final Thoughts on Facebook Messenger Ads

Advertising on Facebook Messenger allows you to improve and customize client interactions. It allows the company to reach out to its target customers within the shortest time possible. This is a necessity in the changing business environment.  

Clients and businesses that do not prefer waiting for official communication maybe via other channels such as mail can deliver or receive important information on Facebook Messenger.  

Facebook Messenger allows a company to design ads that meets the needs and expectations of a specific market segment (audience).  

It is also easy to convert a conversation into a business lead since Facebook Messenger allows real-time exchange of information.  

Once you have a conversation with a potential client, you will have them on your list to target specific ads anytime based on your ad strategy.  


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