Why you Need a Social Media Agency?

Sharing a post on social media isn’t that difficult. After all, you just think of something and caption your favorite photo or video.

If that’s the case, why then do you need to hire social media agencies? Are they only after your money? We will determine that in a short while.

Technology has transformed people’s lives, and social media has become a part of our daily lives affecting not only socialization but major decisions like what to buy. To win in this new world is, however, not as easy as it was a few years ago.

However, some people feel that posting on Facebook or Twitter shouldn’t be much of a problem. It’s not rocket science, why would someone pay someone to post for them on social media? May be huge brands because they don’t have time to do it.  If we agreed with this kind of thinking, as a social media agency, everyone would think we have lost it.  

Yes, some part of it might be correct. Some businesses don’t have time to post on social media themselves and can only get going with the help of social media agencies. Even to those who seek the services voluntarily, they sometimes feel the social posting service fee is not necessary. With such experiences, it can only be concluded that most people have not realized the value an agency can bring to the table. Sending a tweet or an Instagram post is easy, but the real work is in its development.

Harvard business review says that enterprise spending on social media increased by 74% from 13%-23% just between February and May 2020.

Ensuring Social Media Posts Are Appealing to The Audience

Posting for a brand requires an agency to spend time brainstorming, consulting, and understanding the brand they are working for as well as their target market. A post should match a brand's image and be able to resonate with the brand's target market audience. The social media post or content shared should also match the brand's tone of voice. For a post to meet its intended purpose, the mentioned elements must be observed.  

As experts in this field, social media agencies know what to include and what to avoid when making a social post. Some brands do not understand how the social media world works; they don’t invest in learning the new trends or target audience changing needs. That’s why most posts will come out as ok. But an agency is never satisfied with ok. Excellent is the focus. An agency sees content in terms of its ability to be engaging, to create leads, and to grow sales.  

For those who have not yet understood, an agency shares content intending to elevate the brand by keeping their audience informed. Their focus is to build a community around the brand to increase engagement, brand awareness, and outlook in public.  

At C180, we call this social media strategy. We won’t go posting blindly without understanding the brand and the target audience. It will be like walking in a dark room. You don’t know when you’ll bump into something. We are dedicated to ensuring your brand soars up high. We get the remaining 180º done for you.

What Have Not Changed About Social Media?

What most people have not understood is that social media have changed, but its original concept of enabling connections has not changed. Today, people visit social media platforms to get reviews, recommendations, and to search for an item for purchase. Social platforms have adapted to the change as well, the reason there are ads, business accounts, business pages, stores, meme pages etc. social media is a place for brands to meet and connect with their customers and as well meet a new audience. This is where the work begins. The new audience needs to be won over to have them convert to customers.  

What is required to achieve that?

Brands must keep sharing content to keep the conversation going. Brands need to establish trust, transparency, and understanding between them and the audience. The only way this can be done is by sharing content on everything and engaging in comments to address any queries. The more the audience engages with a brand online, the higher the chances they’ll trust the brand. Is a post just a post? Will an audience settle for any type of content? Would you? I thought so.

So, among your list of posts, there is that which comes first and that’s what everyone sees immediately upon visiting your profile. In case the first few posts are not engaging, for sure, your new visitors will leave and never come back.  You need a strategy to make sure every piece of content you share is fit for its purpose. It should be able to sell your brand in the easiest and quickest way possible.  

Great content needs consistency?

Let’s say your brand understands all that is needed; after all, you understand your brand better. However, at times sharing that information in the form of a post becomes hectic. You just won’t find the right words or the right one. This means, even with great ideas and content, your brand may still fail to win over the audience. Great content needs to be consistent and to match the brand's image. If you are not consistent, you will as well seem disorganized.  

Get A Winning Social Media Strategy

Rather than rushing to sell on social media because everyone else is doing it, it's important first to have a winning social media strategy. This will be your guide to succeeding in all your social media campaigns. You need:

  • A profile that is consistent across your social media platforms
  • Understanding your target audience
  • Content that is engaging and consistent
  • More engagement with your audience

A profile can be created once and may be updated once in a few years. However, content is required at least 3 times in a week. Making sure you have the right content, or you are up to speed with the top trends in the market is the difficult part. Social media platforms keep changing, and so does the user’s needs. Thus, how you influenced yesterday may not be the same way you’ll do it tomorrow, something new and trendy might have come up. All this must be in your mind when you are preparing content for your brand. So, based on the complexity of technology and ever-changing customer needs. What do you think now? Are social media agency resources necessary and why yes or no?   


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