Email marketing refers to the act of sending messages to existing customers or prospective customers using email. Email marketing can also be defined as the use of email to promote products or services with an aim to make more sales. Email Marketing is a highly effective means of connecting a brand or company with its leads. It makes it easy to connect, nurture and turn leads into customers. It also the best means to build relationships with your audience and incentivize their loyalty. In case you are planning on using email marketing ensure to have a strategy to reach your audience and prompt them to take action. Before sending an email to your audience, you need to understand that there are different types of emails. For instance, there are welcome emails, newsletters emails, promotional emails, lead nurturing emails, and order confirmation emails. Each if these is unique and is sent to a specific group of people in your email list as you will see below.

Types of Marketing Emails

Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are considered the entryway to your business or brand for a new subscriber. This is the initial contact you have with your prospects. To ensure that your welcome email has a high open and click-through rate, is to offer the new subscriber a personal touch as you also introduce your brand or business. At this point, you will not be introducing a product or service. It can end your relationship even before it starts. Work on creating a good first impression and building a relationship. Another important thing is trying to engage the new subscriber and pave way for future communication. You can let them know you are interested in knowing them or what they like about your brand.

Email Newsletters

A newsletter is a report bearing news concerning your brand's activities that is sent to customers, subscribers, members, or employees. If your brand promotes products and services, newsletters are your best option. Email newsletters include articles, videos, or podcasts that are sent direct into the inboxes. It is your best way to maintain contact with your customers and growing your website traffic. The best newsletters are interesting, personalized and well-structured. To be able to send personalized emails, you need to ask your audience what topics interest them. With that knowledge you can consistently send newsletters to them based on the categories they chose.

Lead Nurturing Emails

Lead nurturing refers to the process of engaging prospective customers by sending them appropriate content at each stage of the sales funnel. Lead Nurturing emails are sent a guide to leads or prospective customers through a sales funnel and converting them into customers. They are emails used by marketers to move users from the contemplation stage to the choice stage of the lead funnel. Mostly, this is done among an audience that is not ready to make a purchase. Successful Lead Nurturing Emails put the receivers’ interests, needs, and pains first. By doing so, you can provide valuable content and get the maximum ROI from your campaign. Match the content of each email with the recipient’s place in the buyer’s journey. Make the first message relatable to your leads by mentioning information that is pertinent to their needs, then reinforce the selling component in the following email. Subscribers’ interest in making a purchase should grow with every message. The sales funnel stages include, awareness, interest, decision, and then action (Chapa, 2020). So, your emails must ensure to go through each of the stages one after the other.

Order Confirmation Email

Every time a customer makes a purchase, you have an obligation to reach out to the customer and assure them that their order placing was successful and everything is going as expected. On the confirmation email, you will need to include the order number, detailed information of the products purchased, and a tracking code or assurance another email will be sent with a tracking code once the order is dispatched.  Here on this email, you need to do some promotion by giving recommendations for other products. You can say, “people who bought this item(s), also bought these items” or “You might also like these items.” See this example from eBay.

Promotional Emails

A promotional email is a marketing email written to an email list containing incentives to drive sales for a brand. Promotional emails are sent with a main goal of convincing the audience to make a purchase. So, to make it work, ensure that besides the 20 or 30%OFF message, you need to add value in the email by highlighting the product or service on offer and what benefits come with using the product.

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