As a business owner you may be feeling that you don’t need a website because you are just a small business or because you are not tech savvy. You may also feel that it's too expensive or time-consuming to have one operational. However, the reality is you don’t need to be a big business, tech savvy or have lots of money to have a website.

You can get a website at an affordable price and be able to operate even without having much knowledge about technology. As a business owner, you need to understand the benefits of having a website. Having a website makes you look professional, increases your business’s credibility, increases trust, helps you showcase your products better and helps attract new customers to your business and makes you more money.


Benefits Of Having a Website

1.     Makes You Look Professional

2.     Increases Your Organization's Credibility

3.     Increases Trust

4.     Helps You Showcase Your Products Better

5.     Helps Attract New Customers to Your Business and Makes You More Money


Makes You Look Professional

To succeed in the current business world, you need tohave a website. More importantly the website needs to be appealing, clean andprofessional. Statistics show that 84% of consumers believe that a businesswith a website is more credible compared to one that only has a social mediapage (Gunn, 2020).

Some customers will not purchase from a business without awebsite. Your website is the perfect place to showcase any professional achievements like certificates or awards that your business or team has achieved.


Increases Your Organization's Credibility

Having a website address added to your social media profile makes your business look more credible. In fact, all social media profiles on the bio section requires your website link. So, the website will act as proof that your business is legitimate. Your website can also be resourceful because it helps businesses make a very strong first impression.

When building your website, make sure it’s developed to impress potential customers and give them a reason to stay a little longer and come back again. A website can help your small business increase flexibility, branding and credibility, meaning you will be able to attract more customers. Use your website to showcase your abilities and standout amongst your competitors.


Increases Trust

Having a website not only makes your business credible but also increases trust. There are more chances that people will trust and engage with you if you have a website. Ensure your website is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) secure, use highly engaging visuals and be consistent with your brand. Another important way that your website can increase trust is by having a testimonials section. Customers are more likely to make a purchase when they see positive reviews about your website.


Helps You Showcase Your Products Better

Your website is the best place to showcase your products in detail. It gives you the opportunity to show your customers what they will get and how it will change their lives. You can do this by using videos and high-quality product images. Ensure to have product descriptions or more details about the product or service you are offering to showcase its value.

If you are a furniture store do not post only images of single products. You should also add images of furniture installed in rooms like sofas in the living room. This way visitors can have a clear image of how the product will look intheir rooms.


Helps Attract New Customers to Your Business and Make You More Money

Research shows that more people conduct an online research before making a purchase decision. A Forbes report shows that"82% of smartphone users consult their phones on purchases they are about to make in-store and 45% read reviews before making a purchase” (Ellet, 2018).

Half of the global population has a mobile phone and access to the internet. This means that your potential customers are very likely to meet you online by a simple search. What you need is a highly optimized website to be ranked higher. So, if you have a website, there are higher chances of seizing a share of the open market.


If you are looking for a website that will get you all the above, you can reach here to us and we will help you achieve your dreams. Let us know other benefits of having a website that you know of in the comments below.



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