Modern day marketers are constantly looking for ways to energize their email strategy. One of the main challenges such professionals face is to come up with a fresh newsletter content that will get the attention of readers and possibly guide them through the next step in the marketing funnel. With these 20 newsletter topics, you can be sure of making your readers want more from your end. These topics have been put into various types.

Newsletter content ideas by type:

-         E-commerce newsletter ideas

-         Direct-to-consumer (DTC) newsletter ideas

-         Business-to-Business (B2B) newsletter ideas

-         Weekly or monthly newsletter ideas

-         Employee newsletter ideas

E-commerce newsletter ideas

Are you selling your goods and services on a digital platform? Below are the 4 most ideal newsletter types that will take your business to the next level.

1.      Product promo emails

Promotional emails can be used when launching a new product or when trying to make more sales on the existing stock. Therefore, you can start sending promotional emails with the goal of driving traffic to a particular landing page or online store which will translate to immediate sales boost. One important tip at this level is to ensure you create the feeling of urgency or exclusivity.

2.      Giveaways and contest emails

Giveaways and contest emails are created for different purposes depending on the needs of the business. For instance, these emails can help you increase brand awareness, promote engagement or get the attention of the target audience. Therefore, you need to find ways of generating hype around the product you intent to use in the process.

The best example for these type of emails include running a contest where people using your product can take photos and videos of themselves using the product. From this collection, you get to choose one or a few to win prizes. Prizes may vary from merchandise to free subscriptions.

3.      Refer-a-friend emails

There are high chances that your customers know other people who would be interested in your products. At some point, you can write them an email requesting them to refer their friends and family. When offering quality products, this strategy can be effective in creating trust in your customers.

To get the best out of this type of emails, include what your already existing customers would benefit from the referrals. For instance, new customers can use promo codes where people who referred them can earn points and convert them to cash or product discounts.

4.      Surveys or poll emails

Ever wonder how you can know how customers perceive your brand? Well, survey or poll emails will enable you to gather valuable insights about your customer tastes and preferences. Some companies use post purchase survey to understand why people make a purchase and their experiences with the product.

You can also find out whether they like or do not like the product and whether they can refer someone else to purchase the product from you. In the long run, such emails will enable you to understand whether you are meeting the customer needs or you need to improve on quality.

Direct-to-customer(DTC) newsletter ideas

When your business is operating in a direct-to-consumer model, you should not only focus on the e-commerce ideas. Below are other ideas you can try out.

5.      Company background emails

Most of the DTC businesses are purpose driven. This is to say they put more emphasis on the string views on why this model is the best for them and their customers. So, at some point you would find yourself telling your company story, the mission, vision, and the value of the brand. These efforts would help you earn some respect and trust in the market. You will also end up building long term relationships with your audience.

6.      User-generated content emails

Did you know that you can as well feature user-generated content in your emails? Well, the idea works perfectly fine. Some of the content you can use in this case include videos, testimonials, product reviews, and client success stories. Targeting your potential clients with such emails is likely to translate more conversions and sales. It is almost a guarantee to get results from such a newsletter since many people trust the positive views and opinions that people have on your brand.

7.      Coupons and promo emails

Who doesn’t like discounts and promotions such as free shipping, getting two products at the price of one, among other goodies? Clients are always on the lookout to find the latest incentives so they can buy from you. An important tip: try your best to customize your email based on the customer’s shopping history (behavior). This approach will enable you to provide individual attention to your buyer’s tastes and preferences.

8.      Loyalty program invite emails

Loyalty and reward programs can benefit the brand and its loyal clients. First, brands will have more conversions and sales without much effort. Second, loyal clients will have access to desirable services or products. This program can be implemented through the integration of referral and word-of-mouth marketing.

Business-to-Business newsletter ideas

Email marketing is known to be one of the most popular type of content marketing among B2B marketers. Try out some of the following examples when creating such newsletters.

9.      Expert interview emails

It is one of the sure ways of building credibility and trust in the market. Sharing such information via newsletters will generate more leads and increase your conversion rates.

Therefore you also need to include insights from credible research sources and industry experts in the campaigns. So, you can share your thoughts and conclusions from interviewing experts.  

10.  Roundup emails

Apart from expert interviews, roundups of insights on a particular topic enables you in creating quality content that puts you in a better position in your industry. As a result, you will become a reliable source of information.

Your roundups can also include curated content such as a summary or resources on a particular topic in your industry.

11.  Webinar emails

Webinars are the best for sharing information and exploring other solutions regarding customer needs. Use such emails to share details of the webinar to generate as many prospects as possible.

12.  Case study emails

Did you know, providing case studies is one way of providing evidence from the first hand source? Business-to-Business model creates the needs for companies to prove that their products or services can actually work.

Now, instead of just publishing your case studies and hoping that your readers will find the content in your blog section, send an email to let them know about the content. It is one perfect opportunity of increasing sales.

Weekly or monthly newsletter ideas

Weekly and monthly emails can be regarded as general newsletters mostly used to provide information in marketing campaigns. Some of the emails types you can send include;

13.  Featured resource promotion emails

Instead of focusing on periodical blog post releases, start sharing emails about the recent guest blog posts, manuals, guides and lead magnets.

Share this content via email as soon as it gets live to get more readers since it may not be relevant over a long time.

14.  FAQ emails

Frequently asked questions exist in all businesses off and onsite. These questions provide best topics for newsletters. Monitoring FAQs will enable you to generate a lot of emails trying to answer your audience. The thing is, just imagine of the ideal questions a customer would ask. Then, start answering such questions one after the other in the newsletters.

15.  Stories and learnings emails

Storytelling has been the best part of attracting the attention of your audience. Always have these newsletter ideas to create emails that your readers can’t wait to read. Some of the issues you can discuss include lessons learned and knowledge acquired from time to time. This approach will help you earn trust from your audience.

16.  Video promo emails

Are you creating video content in your digital strategy? If so, you can start using emails to promote some of these videos especially when you have them on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. Even when not having standal-one videos, ensure you have an option to read or watch the content as a video in the text-based emails.

Employee newsletter ideas

Below are some of the topics you can explore when thinking about sending emails to your team.

17.  Company news emails

Such newsletters are ideal when celebrating the business milestones and thanking employees for their collective contribution to the success of the company. You can as well use such emails to inform your team about the upcoming changes especially when they work remotely or do frequent field visists.

18.  Industry news emails

In most cases, employees strive to keep up with the industry news and trends on their own. However, you as the manager or business owner, can encourage them to be informed and remain ahead of others. Start designing emails with important tips and information about the changes in the market (and possibly how the change is relevant in their occupation).

19.  Employee of the month emails

Do you have more than two employees for your business? Interestingly, you can have them vote one another. You can as well individually select the best performing employee based on the standard performance metrics. Writing an email on this is one way of keeping your team motivated.

20.  Event invitation emails

Are you selling or having an off-site activity? Do you have a workshop or team building event? An email would be an effective way of notifying your team about these activities and events that require an employees’ physical presence.

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