Instagram Stories Explained

Instagram users can share content by uploading it to their profile grid, however, they can also create stories, which is a feature that shows photos and videos in a bar at the top of the main feed. Unlike normal content on the feed, stories disappear inside 24 hours, making it more tempting for your followers to view your stories daily, or risk the chance of never seeing them again.

When your followers open their Instagram account, they can see circles with the accounts they follow that uploaded an Insta-story. All they need to do to see it is to click on it to see it. In addition to uploading your content, you can add music, text, images, and places to your stories. Note that your followers can’t like or comment on stories like they can on other content.


So you’ve got the followers you want on Instagram. Now what?

Here are seven ways to drive engagement with Stories.


Use Question Stickers to Learn More About Your Customers and Get Instant Feedback.

There are many distinctive questions you can ask your followers. Make sure you’re asking the proper ones if you’re looking to obtain research insights that will help inform your content strategies on social media. Instead of using a regular form to gain demographic information, you can look even deeper into the target audience and get precisely what you need to inform your strategy for greater engagement. Some questions can include?

What’s the most important quality you look for in a brand?

Where do you do most of your shopping?

What do you like best about us?

What kind of content would you like to see our products?


Add Hashtags

Hashtags are keywords that you can add to your story alongside the # sign.  

Instagram now allows users to search for stories by hashtags, so as long as you know what keywords your consumer base will use, you can attract them to your profile with your hashtags.


Quiz Stickers Are Great For Mini Contests

Test your followers’ knowledge with quizzes about your brand or product. Make certain you incentivize them, so more people interact in the quiz. This can be an exceptional way to see what your followers like about your brand and give you insight into what you can work on in terms of the holes in the information you’re putting out about your product.


Get Feedback On Your Product With The Emoji Slider

Did your brand get a new look? Are you pushing out content about new products? The Emoji Slider is an awesome way to get instant opinions about a specific product or event. You can also use these for customer features or exciting questions to keep people involved in your account. You don’t usually need to post about your product or even your company. Find out more about your followers' interests and curate content around that too.


Tag Your Location

If your business has a physical storefront, make certain to tag it in each and every single Insta-story you create. The location tag will show up right on the story, allowing your followers to certainly see your business name.

Instagram allows users to search for companies in certain locations, such as “hair salon New York,” and is an excellent way to connect to a new client base.


Re-share Stories You Are Tagged In

This is the best way to let your followers know that you’re constantly listening and helping people that are publicly supporting you. This is an excellent way to maintain a fine word of mouth about your brand. Your business will benefit substantially from your followers telling their followers how cool it used to be shouted out on your Instagram account.


Get Opinions Instantly With Voting

If you’re making new modifications to your product or if you’re wondering what kind of content your followers want to see, the voting feature on Instagram Stories is perfect. It’s an effective and rapid way to directly hear from your customers. People like to know their opinions matter and that when they engage with a brand online, the brand is listening. This feature can be used in an endless number of methods to drive engagement to your web page and different social media channels.

Remember, don’t overthink it. If you’re actively trying to expand engagement on Instagram, these are excellent ways to do just that. You don’t usually need to post flashy graphics. Talking to your followers consistently will keep them coming back to buy and help your brand.

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